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Johannah Jeanty Apr 2019
Bending grass and rolling hill
Caress my palms and make me still
Essence of the floras' ester
Tickle my nostrils; nose and pester
alice Mar 2019
Rows of pastel houses lining the springy green grass
The soft sound of wind chimes is heard in the distance
Her long brown hair is swept up in the gentle breeze like waves looking up at an everlasting sunset
any feedback?
ChinHooi Ng Mar 2019
Where there is water
there is greenness
where there is greenness
there must be elegant
shadows of butterflies
feel life
with your heart
and you'll find
beauty is all around
a wandering journey is hard work
but the distant landscape
the trees the flowers
the colors
it's so poetic
it's picturesque
Disha Bhatia Mar 2019
Distance is a weird phenomenon, so is time.
We were two continents apart, yet connected.
So far yet so close.
We are in the same city and yet I can't see you.
So close yet so far.
Maybe because tears often blur my vision.
I talk to you and you make everything sound so normal, like nothing ever changed.
We never stopped talking. But we never started as well. And now that you're going, I feel like you were long gone before you came back.
I think it's fair enough: we didn't meet when you left, we didn't meet when you came back.
I hope this settles the score.
Until next time,
All my love.
In the street full of flowers,
I saw you again.
The sound of film can be heard,
Didn't care if what I captured was blurred.

You probably didn't know when you started hurting me.
I approached you and I want to be honest with you this night.
I still wonder, wonder, beautiful story.
I still wander, wander, next story.

You were hurting too,
Now promise me,
Don't throw yourself away.
You should be your light baby.

Like the other day,
Come in front of me baby.
I want you to be your night.
In this scenery full of flowers,
Interwine our pinkies,
I want to make you mine.
I really love 'Scenery' of BTS ' V and 'Promise' of BTS' Jimin. I was thinking of creating a separate poem of the two but why not combine?  So I tried but I think it's messy so I'm sorry.
Victoria Myron Jan 2019
Our love is the flower
Which blooms on the unknown mountain.
Our love is beautiful.
Never picked and displayed in the imperior's palace,
Never put down to the soldier's grave.
Our love is swinging in the wind.
Our love is opening the petals to the sun.
Our love is always glad if it rains.
Our love never fade in the imperior's vase,
Our love never wither on the lonely grave.
Our love will give seeds
Like others,
Like others.
Our love is the flower,
Wild flower.
WordsHelp Dec 2018
I am a woman.
I am smart.
I am kind.
I am compassionate.
And I am so many other beautiful things.

I am a person.

I am not an object for you to enjoy.
I am not something for you to whistle at.
I am not just ***** or *** or legs.
I am not your pretty scenery.

I am a person.
kiran goswami Dec 2018
Photography was his hobby,
And she became his favourite scenery.
Louisa Coller Dec 2018
I can imagine,
trees, ponds, fish and oleanders
but I can't begin
to hold you tightly enough,
the anguish remains crafted.
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