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Willow Aug 2018
I went to my aunts house last weekend. I stayed there for 2 nights and 6 hours. I was truly happy every single second. I crave the feeling of happiness now, I was so worry free and care free. I wish I could have stayed longer to savor the feeling of happiness. I wish I could ask her to go this weekend but then I would have explain that I haven't been happy for 8 years. Now I am just here in my house full of toxic people.
Kira Jul 2018
She was my inspiration
The way she spoke so clearly
Her voice echoed with no hesitation
and her words were meant sincerely

I could tell she wrote with passion
Not afraid to tell her story
It was her call to action
Not about the glory

I wanted her to talk forever
and not stop at the end of the paper
We had a connection I didn't want to sever
Her thoughts I wanted to savor
I've always had a love of poetry, but it wasn't until a couple of months ago that I was really inspired to write my own. This girl read a poem to me that she wrote and it was so powerful that it gave me chills and made me want to cry and I loved that I could feel so many different emotions just by listening to her talk. I hope that someday I will write a piece that will make someone feel something so deeply that they have to sit back for a second and take a deep breath.
Marisa Lu Makil Mar 2017
These are some beautiful things:
A baby's first smile,
A bird in the wild,
A bride on the aisle,
A love that's worthwhile,

Warm wind in the trees,
The salt in the seas,
The buzz of spring bees,
Winter's first freeze,

A loved one's laugh,
A child's handmade craft,
An actor's autograph,
A newborn calf,

The sunrise in the sky,
And the sunset alike,
And kind passersby,
The stars in the night,

The wind in one's hair,
Sweet spring on the air,
A mother's care,
A child's prayer

The color of skin,
True feelings within,
The sound of violins,
And feeling sheepskin,

A book in my hands,
My feet in the sand,
Stories of another land,
And the promised land,

The leaves in the fall,
Mountains like walls,
Sounds of a waterfall,
The smell of rainfall,

Peace after war,
And petrichor,
And sand on the shore,
And a winning score,

Peace at night,
And perfect light,
And a first sight,
And a flying kite,

A smile so dear,
A kiss so clear,
A loved one near,
And a new come year,

And hope that everything will be okay

These are the beautiful things
I could go on and on and on about beautiful things, even ones that don't rhyme. I fall in love with the little things, like how my friend only eats apples with a knife, or how my mom never actually drinks her coffee, she forgets about it and leaves it in the microwave ten times a day. I love that my cat can tell when I can't sleep and comes and lays right up against my back and purrs to help me sleep. I love that whenever my best friend is thinking, she subconsciously touches the back of her thumb to the indent above her upper lip. I fall in love with little details. There are just as many beautiful things in this world as there are ugly ones. Don't forget to savor them. ❤
hazem al jaber Mar 2017
Savor of love ...

love created for all ...
all free minds ...
all have the rights ...
to get what love ...

love is for all ...
love is so sweet ...
even friends ...
can get what they feel ...
love not made only for lovers ...
even friends can make love ...
and can taste it's savor ...

who would love ...
to taste the love with me ...
i'm the best one whom could  give ...
the most sweet of love ...
that you never ever got ...
are you  ready to get ...

come sweetheart ...
let's try ...
let's taste together ..
this sweet love  ...
come to taste me ...
to get the most sweet savor ...
just only with me ...

so, ...
are you really ready ...
to get from me ...
the sweetest of me ...
this lovely savor ...
the savor of love ...

hazem al ...
Ava Bean Oct 2016
My eyes looked up at yours before
Retreating back to the floor
My chin pulled up by your magnetic touch
I sure hope this is just a crush.

Are you coming to me
Or am I coming to you?

You sauntered over and leaned in close.

I could feel the syrup drip from my lips
And I knew you'd sip while you gripped my hips
Eyes gently closed
Noses softly brushed
Mouths slightly parted
Lips quickly touched
Cheeks brightly flushed
This was all too rushed

If we were to do this again
Maybe I would've leaned back in
Maybe you would've gone right in
Maybe we would've savored the taste
Of the syrup that dripped from my lips
First kiss with a cute person left me with shivers
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