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Breon Jul 2019
The weight of a dream
Broken up against the rocks
Of my distractions:
I'll abandon this one, too,
Content with the same old things.
An inability to plan and budget is a surefire way to destroy your own hopes before they even begin to form.
Sillo Anderson Feb 2019
Duties steered the heart away
Leaving guard
The brain that plays
Oh !
How naive of faith
Believing youth knows it’s way
Taking thrills from what age says.

And masking the beauty of being wrong
From delusional lies to insignificant fights

Oh !
How perfect is it to be here.
Doing duties
Without a soulful pay
Daniela Marie Mar 2016
Oh how I've missed the days like this
When more seconds are filled with golden bliss

Amazing how changes of seasons brings
Sunshine reflecting off my angel wings

Take away an hour to get more time
Flowers awaken with coming of springtime
For us all to adore under the sweet hot sunshine

I can be reminded that we are connected
Despite a society vastly infected
With views and beliefs that leave us rejected

You cannot deny the energy that emanates
When lives are filled with light our sun radiates

As a whole we breath a sigh of ease
For now we can stand beneath the swaying trees
Put down the briefcase if you will please
Remember the comfort within the fresh breeze

Spring forward the time so we can remember
How it feels to bask in the sunlight together

For just a little while we can pretend
The world is your oyster as well as your friend
And getting lost amongst sunsets becomes the latest trend
Ann M Johnson Mar 2016
Oh it is that time of the year again
I have to set the clock's again on my microwave
on my alarm clock
on my wristwatch

  It's that time of year again
  it fills me with dread
  I become reluctant to leave the bed
  even if I try to go to sleep early
  as hard as try to sleep
  I'm forced to count the sheep

  The one clock I can not set
  is the one that is most upset
  My internal clock does not wind
  to automatically set to daylight savings time
  May I make a request, please
  Just don't mess with people's circadian rhythm
As far as setting wrist watches. I am thinking about buying two cheap watches one set one hour back for fall and one set an hour ahead for spring. How does that idea sound?
Broken and barren.
This frostbitten air haunts my
Soul; I'm going mad.
And I'm not sure if it's the
Change in the weather
The changing time,
The change in me that
S Nov 2015
Taking risks,
What a dangerous game

You could lose it all,
Or take home everything

One false move,
To lose your life savings

Or to unlock a brighter light inside the world
And to live with complete freedom and without fear

Taking risks,
Is it worth it?

Is it better to try and fail,
And lose it all

Or not to try at all,
And stay on the path where you started?
River Scott Mar 2015
to bring in spring
we lose an hour
of sleep
of life

we celebrate this
and are happy
to lose this hour
to mess up our lives

all because
the bleak cold of winter
is killing us inside.

I honestly hate daylight saving time. I needed that hour of sleep friend.
Josh Bass Mar 2015
Do not blink your eyes
Sitting up, scratching your head
I just lost an hour
Kacie Apr 2014
I watched 2am turn to 3am.
Everyone losing an hour of sleep,
and myself losing an hour of lying in my bed, thinking about you.

— The End —