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S Mar 2019
Anxiety is an angry beast
It has crooked teeth and yellow eyes
And if it wasn’t clamping it’s jaws on your neck
It might even be funny
It’s always there
A shadow in the daylight
And a ghost in the night
It peeks around doorways and hangs in pictures
It lives in your bed
Your house
And there is nowhere that is safe
Deep breathing is an aspirin for a stab wound
Fighting back is a bandaid for a bullet hole
So instead we sit
And we never stir
And we hope that maybe our brains will quiet
Or our breathing will stop
Because anything is better
Than that crooked beast that taunts me
S Oct 2016
Shattered pieces of hope
Scattered on the floor

Ominous ticking in my head
Crazy forevermore

Embodied spirits of dread
Soar high in the night

Sitting in on dinner parties
Giving folks quite a fright

The stars laugh triumphantly
Casting hopefuls down

Watching as they struggle
Hoping that they drown

Till they turn to apprehensive fear
Waiting for the sun to strike

And send them back to the stars
To continue their silent plight
S Oct 2016
"You sure do smile alot"
The birds always say
"You betcha"
I reply with a smile

But open my purse
And ask for a nurse
Because it's filled to the brim
Sorry if this is too grim
But my purse is a house for razor blades
*Trigger warning*
  Oct 2016 S
Paint yourself with sores and wounds
Broken bones and a broken soul
Allow yourself to wallow in self pity, self loathing
You deserve it

I truly believe that you are the worst kind of person
Apathy is all you deserve
You used another person as a toy for your own pleasure
I feel no empathy when you are terrified by the horrors you've created

Your eyes have finally been opened
Watering as they are bombarded with smoke and flames
The destruction you have caused, created, entertained yourself with?
It's permanent. You cannot fix this. It's done.

Don't crying poor victim,
When both you and I know you're not.
Leave her alone to she can find her smile again.
Try to fix yourself before you go fixing someone else.
venting session
S Oct 2016
Hello beautiful
The words everyone wants to hear
To validate their beauty and their worth
Or simply to feel loved
You are loved
Don't ever feel alone
Because I've never met you
And I can honestly say
I love you
And whenever I see you
Hello beautiful
I love all you gerogous people
S Mar 2016
Why do I have to act the part
To get the help I need

I just want this all to end
and for someone to believe

That maybe if I died
I could finally breathe
  Dec 2015 S
Christina Cox
I make love to Sadness and wake up in her arms.
I make out with Anger while hitting the bases.
I flirt with brothers Guilt and Shame with no care.
The guarded Fear holds me in his arms.
I date Boredom and pay for the popcorn.
On vacation, Pain comes back, “welcome home” says the sign.
Walking through the mall, I hide from Joy.
The loving Care knocks on the door that says, No Soliciting
The stalker Forgiveness earns himself a restraining order.
The beautiful Love gives me flowers that when I touch, die.
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