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riri 2d
One wrong move and I step into a hole
Not just any hole
A hellhole
Filled with the most darkest things anyone can imagine

I'm falling
I'm amidst the air
Crying for help
Please somebody help me

They all just stare
That's all they ever do anyways
They stare as I fall into the never ending pit of doom
Please somebody help me

I'm almost at the bottom
I look down and there is only flames
No one is there to catch me
Please somebody help me

I'm there
I'm staring up at the sky seeing the faces of those I love
All of whom abandoned me
They never helped me
You never know what someone is going through
Melody 3d
Your solitude;
Is about the
only souvenir
I can claim,
From our one way voyage.
The quiet numbness that takes over your life

Everyday becomes to feel like a slow record on repeat

Your bed becomes the only escape of it all

Days past where you can't feel anything and feel numb

You explore options to the ¨escape¨ of life

Only feel the guilt mound taking over that

The thought of people not caring if you live another day

Slowly adopts the reason of the ¨escape¨

You feel worthless and can't take the numbness anymore

The ¨escape¨ begins to be the only thing you think about

Slowly taking over your life bit by bit

The question of the ¨escape¨ working haunts your mind

The depression and numbness you indorse crushes your soul

You embrace the ¨escape¨

Uncaring or unknowing of the outcome of the escape from reality.
It burns,
The way it creeps.
The wrongs all done.

Culprits I let get away,
For I found reason.
In actions which led to dismissal.

It wasn't as bad.
The past proved worst.
New pain is here.

A new form of mistrust,
Swirling in my head.
Moving to my heart.

Saying you knew better.
The knives will eventually,
Create their own wall.

My blood truly hasn't,
Spilt yet...
Though I fear,

One day I will pull,
Pull them all out.
By myself and let it pour.

Truly I will then,
Be no more.
I will have nothing more to give.

No room for another.
Errors I make,
Will no longer haunt.

Nothing, that sounds pleasurable.
Makes sense to me,
To prove myself, that is me

Not what rises from,
This pain.
Is it not better?
Kathleen Nov 20
If yesterday was tomorrow
I'd still be with you
Laughter and lifes promises
Sun and gentle rain
Clouds parting in the sky
If yesterday was tomorrow
Music drifting in the air
Bubbles in our glasses
Smiles upon our faces
If yesterday was tomorrow
I'd of  saved myself from such sorrow
Distant memories I will never be able to go back to, I watch it all fly past through my very own screen in my mind
The moments turning so very fast like pages, yet so very slow
I remember back when everything was simple
When I could truly breathe without an anchor pulling me down, crushing and shattering me with every given second I try to breathe
When the world was blurry, but at the same time so very sharp and breathtakingly beautiful
A dream, a far away dream I will always feel deep down in that part of my soul
I can still feel the breeze
Feel my small and soft feet in the long, lively green grass
I can hear the laughter of my own as I run with the kite in my hand
A feeling of freedom
A feeling of innocence
The twinge of realization always hits
How I will never be able to go back to those days
Ever again
I have learned far too much of this world and how things have drastically changed
Always **** me more with every passing year
I clutch onto the feeling but my hands slowly slip, the pain and agony of longing to go back as I begin to let go
The screen in my mind disappears

I’m back to the present.
A much older poem.
Shards of broken glass across the floor
Mirrors smoking up, my reflection paling as I try my hardest to hold onto my own frail skin
A nightmare I did not expect to greet, a fate that I cannot fleet from
Precious black petals from roses falling to the ground, the twisted thorns painfully surrounding my poor heart
Rain heavily pouring from the sky as the angels cry with anguish
Darling, I have lost you for now, but not forever..
At least that’s what I tell myself
Broken as I ever could feel, I slowly lower my shaking body to the ground
I feel so cold, so empty
Ravenously longing for your sweet, warming embrace
The long curtains swaying quickly as the wind blows violently
The sweet but haunting melodic church bells ringing again and again, reminding me this is all truly and painfully real
Tortured by this grief I shall be, forevermore
Until we meet again.
Was inspired by an Evanescence song and put this poem together.
Kristin 5d
Too many days
have gone by in worry
too many nights
in nightmares

Too many afternoons
in soppy tears
too many mornings
with short breath

There are no happy endings
only endings
only means to an end
only dying to live
beyond our means
Vallery 5d
how long can I keep saying
"everything is fine, everything will be okay"
before I start to crumble,
before I finally break...
how long can I fake a smile,
how long can I fake happiness
before I start to crumble
before I fall to pieces
how long will I suffer
how long will I cry
before I end it all
before I finally die
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