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During this winter,
all I wanted was the warmth
of someone to love

7:31 PM
I can’t believe you-
I can’t believe those words came
straight out of your mouth

10:33 AM
When some days
are not so bad as others
but you’re still drinking
and miserable.
the inching hatred
of who you are
but not what you’ve done-
that’s depression.
Sometimes I think I’m
not capable of feeling
the thing you call love

7:13 PM
zelda 6d
i am barely breathing
   tell me this is not my destination
   i just want to ask you something—

is this where i truly belong?
  i am trying! oh god, yes, i am!
  when did it all go wrong?

all the lies i fed myself—it is becoming real
   i have always known it
   i was never meant to heal
no such thing as a crybaby im doing fine guys
zelda 6d
i think i have always been so tender with everything, but it crushes me every time. every person i loved, they always choose someone else over me. i guess that's how it's always been, and getting used to it was easy for me.
battlefield, yes. this world we live in is a battlefield.
a battle with yourself for self-loathing.
Chiara 6d
My mom always tells me that it’s my fault we fight,
Why I’m not just happy and enjoy everyday life?
She says: There’s no reason for you to be sad,
You just **** the mood when you enter the room.

She doesn’t realize that I have every right to be down,
That I’m allowed to be me, even if she doesn't agree.
I don’t have to act different just to please her,
Why do I have to put on a fake smile, I thought lying was bad?

She doesn't know what I’m feeling, so why does she think she can judge me?
I am sad, she can’t change that,
So why won't she stop making me feel bad,
I can’t handle the stress with her at home now too.
I really love my family, but sometimes they just have no idea what their words do to me. I already have enough problems without them making me feel bad for feeling bad!
Chloe 6d
I should be thinking about how great my future is going to be but instead I’m thinking about ways to **** myself;
and that’s not beautiful or poetic.
It’s sad.
Aya 7d
There is an unwavering smile on her face,
painted with undertones of anger;
There is tenderness carried in her fingertips,
with an unmistakable violence brewing underneath;
Her face is etched with lines of blinding mirth,
and it it clear that she is unfamiliar with laughter;
She is a walking tragedy, miserable and dead,
meticulously dressed in robes of normalcy;
Turn too quickly, and dare to steal a glance at those eyes -
All you will know is shadow, no life left to see.
Siyana 7d
If I were a boy, you'd like me so.
I wouldn't feel sad about the way you let me go...
If I were a boy, you'd hold my hand in public,
you wouldn't worry about what the rest of the world thinks...
If I were a boy, we'd be together right now..
You wouldn't be with him, and my heart wouldn't make a sound...
If only I were a boy...
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