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Alex Braun Oct 2020
I never have time.
I never have enough.
I'm running out.

I'm always rushing.
I'm always wasting.

Are you busy next weekend?
Are you doing anything right now?
Do you have time to grab a coffee?

I'm busy, sorry.
I don't have time.
Maybe another time?

I hate time.
I hate society for time.
I hate society for stealing mine.
William de klerk Sep 2019
Maybe I should've stayed sober
when you came over
and the lines, walls and words
started to blur,
but in that short skirt that works so well
you had your hand under my shirt
and those evil eyes  that excite  
,unafraid of hurt, that night
someone paid the price

We befriended a bottle for a three day ******
and a sledgehammer hangover had my
brain in the blender
   waving a white straight jacket
in surrender

We'd wake up to a mirrors shameful stare
Mixing love and lust without a care.
In some sort of sinful cocktail,
each and every time our wills would fail
some small part of my broken heart
would merge with hers
as we pretended to be whole,
I let passion poison my soul.

We'd Dance in a drugged induced stupor,
imagining a false future together
so I said that I loved her,
when drugs wore down we fell to the ground
Sweet lies started our slow demise.

She'd say she was fine but I'd find her in tears.
So I held her in my arms while I couldn't feel,
but after being so numb, nothing felt real.
Then she begged me to share
just to show that I care.
So i said it was better to lock myself away
For fear of the words that I needed say

The two years together instead of forever
As you shredded my head apart
And I spitefully tore out your heart.
When we were close
we'd corrode and corrupt
and from a far
we'd suffer in silence

In your pain you fell for someone else,
forcing me to smile while I rot away in side
Tired of passing round the disease that was Blame.
I severed you from my mind and heart
and separately we slowly fell apart.

On the verge of death with a fist
clenching poison
and our body barely breathing we were
Self sabotaging star crossed lovers
with a semi fatal ending
Emma Peterson Aug 2019
It is a cliche
But nonetheless a truth
That I like
Long walks on the beach.
Walking is heaven but running is hell

On a beach
Feet slipping on soft sands once so soothing
Dragging back the more I push on
Forward, forward
Without a definite end.
I’ll still get to where I’m going
But for time I trade beauty
And for time I trade peace,
I wrote this in a cafe in Paris so that's kind of fun, felt very artsy
Becca Dec 2018
Sometimes so many ideas
are rushing through my head
That I cry tears
Of words
stopdoopy Dec 2018
The whispers of flesh on flesh
The pressure of you
The slide of fingers down my neck
The breath against a crook
The warmth radiating between us
The blood rushing
The hand on my back
The contact
kias nara Nov 2018
Seoul, 21.34 p.m

In this busy street people comes and goes,
some is going back to their home from a hectic day,
some is going to hang out with their friend,
some is going to recharge their energy with food,
some is going to meet the person they love

and here I am, watching over them from above the hill
rushing to the place they have to go
making thousands of little red-yellow lights from their vehicles

your city is so pretty,
just like you.
Lily Oct 2018
I feel slowly
My crush for you is fading
Flowing out of a faucet
Like water down the sink
But I know that when I see you
Again, they will come rushing back in as if I were a kid out in the snow who came running  inside for some hot cocoa
Bobby Dodds Sep 2018
Isolation within my mind,
Stuck in my kell, gasping at the heat
Working till death to finish my design,
Running late, borderlines to meet.
A hero of management,
An Hr call left at the tone.
Stuck in my cubicle fortress.
The place I'm forced to call home.
I don't wanna be stuck in the loop of the cubicle slaughterhouses.
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