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Diobimma Oct 9
I see my feet slowly walk away
Against the will of my heart.
It's moving at the command of my head
Whose wailing I keep my sanity.

Diobimma Oct 9
I wanted someone new
One who would love my flaws
And still not appear weak
I was left lonely and sober

I wished for a lover
One who would wake me with roses
And probly catch a grenade for me
But I had my heart to mend

I needed a friend
With whom I could never pretend
Help me see reality from illusion
Then I found all three
My friend is my new lover

Diobimma Oct 9
Had your lies wash me over
Like a sluggish wave in the rain
Beaten yet gave you direction. 
Till there was nothing left of me. 
Now I hear you say " You too selfish"
It's Just on retail, wholesale on you.

You're scared you didn't subdue me
Cause I didn't put the blames on you
It deprived you all rights to hurt me. 
And that really hurts you till now. .

You remember vividly last I bent before you
I had gathered the pride you tried to shatter 
Leaving resentment, jealousy and anger. 
Cause I'm no disposable can, much less 
To a loveless being as you

Still wondering why I emit pure bliss
Why I give love in exchange for nothing "You only give what you have" They say
Doesn't mean you accept everything thrown at you. 
Call it pride
Call me boastful 
But Self worth is the key word.
Diobimma Oct 9
They say I laugh alot
But don't see the pain
They say I'm easy going
Myopic to see the struggle

You're carefree most say
Careless you mean to say?
You've it all one implied
Do I have you I replied .

I'm simply moving in my pace
Encroaching if be extra space
I appreciate my every win
And embrace my fallen knees
Caress my scares
draw a tattoo if cool .

So I learnt to be grateful for others
Laugh, tease, cry and celebrate theirs
Be a real friend not some make believe
You'd regret as long as you live .

If I'm to let go of my principles for you
Then you're not worth it anymore.

Diobimma Oct 9
Grandma insists the nation
Is without an eye so I'm wondering
Who leads her

She says we have all
We need for the big picture
but can't simply

A proof that you're blind
is clearly the fact that
You can see

Diobimma Oct 9
To one it means that someone
To another, where happiness lies
To papa,  the air the neighborhood
To my mama, it's with her children
To me, it's here.

Whatever it may be to you
We all have something in common
Our nostalgic return to it. .

Diobimma Oct 9
I often wonder what rules
In a world of penned liberty
Yet louds it confinement

You craved for freedom
From the toxicity of your environ
The universe responded
Now you wail to be imprisoned .

You're a prisoner to your fear
And I'm nothing like you
You've always been locked in
With the doors wide open

I'm a prisoner
Not to fear or guilt.
But to the world
Birth and death has the key.
I do not plan on escaping soon

I'm a forest bird
Tho confined to this space
Call me phoenix
Can never be locked in .

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