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Sep 2020
The mechanics of your scheming
qualifies your genius.

A tool for destruction
an amalgam of evil prose.

A narrative of your choosing
A bastardisation of facts and excuses tantrums and lies

I see how you whimper and conive
your mark ****** into your hypnopsychosis,

control freak
Erasing my relativity

Desiring my spoils
gained despite your lifetime of torture

Careful analysis of my faults and corrections
My green grass,  the colour of your nightmares

Take your control,
I'll deposit my apathy as collaterol.

I'll tend my garden, you grow your pretty little weeds,
Line them all with cockle shells in a row

You may fool them,
But you dont fool  me.

How you conspire,
the same eyes, same lies

Keep Narcisis in your prayers,
you and your symbiotic succubus relationship.

Fein saints and martyrs
I'll climb higher while you climb into despair

What really counts is the truth that we bate
And the truth that we bare

And I saw you clearly,
I saw you both  

Smiting everything not of your own making
Your jealust consumes

What I create is your next toxic dream
You cant trample on who I am.

Masters of manipulation
Bar one

Your greatest fear;
My success,
My joy,
My hope,
My power in defeat;
Freedom from all your ****** up
Sicophantic dramas.

May you one day achieve the impossible
And be like me,

Enjoy the irony
S Smoothie
Written by
S Smoothie
   Weeping willow
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