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It is only through written words
that I feel a silenced voice can have its own
projections and room to roam a space.
A minority’s opinions are ignored
and taken less to consideration because
of a majority’s desire to make their stand the right one.
So, where the world listens at their call
to 'maintain order and progress' in a society,
we the silent, the quiet, the compromised, will step forward
in writing to push the envelope and attempt a freedom,
one they cannot prevent. That is, the need to express our frustrations, our inner want for freedom and more importantly, a recognition
in the littlest of spaces – that of blank pieces of paper.
XPY Mar 2018
Made, Made, Made,
We are made into what we are.
We are made
Into monsters,
Into dreamers;
We make ourselves;
Make each other.
We make our kingdoms
and our own personal Hells.
We are the queens of our realms
          And the kings and princes
We are the villains
The rabble-rousers
The Revolutionaries.
We are the killers
        Of our enemies
        Of our own
        Of the land.
We are made into what we are
And oftentimes,
It is not our fault.
Who are you?
How will you make yourself?
© KMH 2018
Hannah Holliday Jan 2015
Mountains peak along your forehead, rivers run down your eyes
dressed in the dark, trying to match the night
Because you are so much better at hiding than standing out
Reliving the baby boomers generation
Giving air to another deprived movement
"I can't breathe"
Picket signs cover the streets
Graffitied buildings have never shown a sign of weakness
The city lights blind nonbelievers
And the sirens sing to the brave
I'm sorry but he isn't coming back
Run to the streets
Run from the guns
Lights, cameras, police brutalities in action  
White supremistis groups wearing black masks copycat of a 5 star major motion picture
I swear I've seen that face somewhere before
Maybe on the red carpet
Maybe in an abandoned building
Where is its home?
Daddy please won't you just come home?
His voice was stuck inside her throat
His hands around her neck
Honeymooners been gone for 2 months?
Parenting 101
Hide the knifes under the sink
Please pay a visit to the local Psychiatric ward down the street
Take 2 yellows and 1 green after every meal
This should help with that
forget how to feel so you don't get hurt
High school sweethearts locking lips
Halls filled with forgotten love anthems
Did you see what he wrote in the bathroom stall
He signed his name with a heart on the wall
he can't be gay he plays football
His **** is the biggest of them all
Is that why he gets drunk every weekend
I heard he's still a ******
He can't escape his thoughts he drinks them away
When he calls you at 3 am he is not wanting to just talk
I feel sorry for him, no one bothers to look inside
Only underneath his pants
Classrooms chant
Their desks are like clanking bed posts against the wall
Amy is having a baby
Mistakes made in the motel 6
I swear they just wanted to escape
They promised that they'd be safe
Birth control scared us all
he tasted as good as he looked
sweet and salty
Can we please do it again?
keep your hands on your lap
no not there
They will hear your moans
promise me you'll keep this key, even if the door ends up never getting locked
I swear I see you in everyone's face
pretending that I can still see out of my left eye
we both know what happened the summer of 93'
My glasses still see the reflections
The lakes have run so quietly since then
Yet their waves shriek with his cries
Fresh roses on his grave
They reminded me of the ones you gave me
When you used to be able to say sorry
Now I can't even remember the sound of your voice
Hurry and put back on your corduroys and wash your hands
They smell like *** and regret
After school meetings in the hallway closet
Don't forget to kiss your mother goodbye
blood red lips kissing my neck
bare flesh never tasted so clean
Cold pinched cheeks
If i tell you that you are beautiful
Promise not to blush
tell me am I enough?
No never mind please don't answer.
I know exactly how to shut you up.
I don't know what to say about this I just kind of started typing this is how I feel about life and what I've been seeing around me. I've been emotionally unstable for while now and this is the only way to make me feel somewhat content. Please offer advice and voice opinions! I appreciate all criticisms.
Martin Narrod Apr 2014
what is more gentle,
than this pillow of the light?
a life narrowing,
in a bright feather dance
that sweeps across the sea
or covers our faces in shadows.
where do you go when you leave me?
now I am nocturnal,
a bliss bandit,
cooing at stars
one thousand miles high.
shaking like a tea kettle,
I am the black *** black,
Swallowing pieces of your light,
in the back-room jungle where I sew,
tears to the bottoms of my eyes,
where no one ever goes.

I know days,
one minute
where I gambled time
and stood behind you
with my fingers
on your shoulders
and my mouth on your neck.
What it takes to be apart,
split in half,
shucked from birth;
it takes every thing I
ever owned,
every note I ever sang,
each breath that I will make-
some thought I stand up on,
my knees quivering below me.
five kinds of drugs
just to see straight, to hold
my hands steady or
sleep at night.
your lavender flavor
is still in me.
you in me.
soaking in this forgotten city,
Earth's heroes drifting away.
I could never eat again, or
cast a spell, or touch the same.
while burning I may never
on these same two feet again.

four years,
a photograph.
one voice,
softening into my skin,
that I never may forget.
that this beard is of
an old man, should I never
count again
blessings or songs.
I dive into the flame
and study this journey backwards.
so I should never forget,
everything so serious
as this
as you, in me.
In Response to a Poem by Leila R.
Amelia Crake Mar 2014
Everywhere you touch
a revolution follows,
turning dreams
into expeditions.
You have vision,
and I see courage.
Promise to be legendary
and dream in motion.
for M.V. S.D. K.A. J.O. and anybody who has a dream.

— The End —