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Alexander Foe Dec 2021
You came down like a gleaming sunbeam
One that gave me hope
I stared at the You the whole day
Waiting for Your call

Each time it turned a different hue
I grew sicklier and starved
Step by step I was edging
Closer to the cliff

You left me hanging
But also scared that
You would stamp on my hand
And leave me to my misery

Surely you won't dare?

But now retrospectively I see
Clearer than any brighter day
How things turn out to be
And I fall down the pit to eternity

Now I catch the words as they fall
Out from my mind into these
Words that I cannot appreciate
Until it is all over
Alexander Foe Aug 2020
When the eyes saunter past each line,
The frame begins to paint my mind.

With every bit of knowledge my brain is fed,
I grow wiser of what's alive and what's dead.

With each book I read, I add every tale
To an infinite-capacity weighing scale.

Each tale pulls weight on the spectrum,
Bearing their own different conundrum.

Each story at times tip the scale left or right,
Or even set the scale as still as silent night.

Sometimes I wonder if all this reading,
All this adding, never-ending, has meaning.

I think that moving from book to book,
We approach the new with the previous look.

With every book that we add to our souls,
Comes a new colour, a new world, new goals.
Alexander Foe Mar 2020
Initially, it is a *******,
A sense of guilt,
Which drags you along
Like you are a piece of dirt.

You readily absorb and galvanise
Yourself with every single piece
Of filth that you are led along.

The next feeling
Is a sense of shameless pride.

You attain what you had been
Angry and afraid of for
Such a long, long time,
And the much needed freedom
Brightens yours state,
Albeit temporarily.

You ask yourself,
Why did you bother so,
So much
About what others had condoned
Or condemned, for right now
You feel like a champion,
A victorious gladiator.

There wasn't any need
For lengthy, elaborate
Expressions of the Raphaelites.
You just needed to do it,
Get over it,
And be done with it.

Then the post-season arrives.
It ironically, is not
A revived sense of guilt
That you expected, but rather,
It developed a different feeling.

You felt disrespected.

You feel debased et reduced,
Like an animal,
With animalistic instincts.

But you are.

And that angers you,
And damages you
In a weird way.
You resort to the moves
And actions of
The intellectuals you know,
For they would never
Have been thought of
As animals.

Do they?

For me, I write.
I write to write away
(Or away from reality?)
The animal inside
That succumbs to
Animalistical desire.
Annoying, infuriating,
But the writing has to be done.

Somehow I feel better now
Alexander Foe Feb 2020
There is nothing,
Just plain Emptiness.
Then, an Evil brings,
An Infinite Duress.

A Kaleidoscope brings
More Colour and Life
Than the Place could Sing,
Of Bliss and Strife.

The World around me is Crying,
For the Undeserved Suffer a Crime,
That the Evil Made, and is Trying,
To Strike us down in our Prime.

I pray the Dullness will Retreat,
To other Crevices of Society,
Away from the Benevolent and Greet,
Instead, the Evil People as its Company.
To all the Evils of this Life, a Prayer for them to go Away.
Alexander Foe Sep 2019
Wilted flowers,
Broken stems.
I tie a string around,
I try to mend.
The heart's the core,
Protect it well -
Or its heat runs out!

I grab a petal,
Gently caressing its skin-
Soft tapestry on a magnificent building-
You could be!
If I weaved you all together,
Like how ropes are made from
Strands of fibre wound together.

I could meld you into a flag
That I can wave, that I can touch,
Sometimes, in a rush,
You can wave for me to others 'Goodbye!',
As you flutter from my behind.

I could hang you on the sky,
Perched on the highest peak of the pole.
You with the owl's sight peer
Into the distance, tell me - what's there?
And we can laugh - together.
Alexander Foe May 2019
"We are crazily imperfect.
Yet every second you appear to me,
and your being is in my perception
the best and most ideal."

"My mind jolts away
from any possible faults I can find of you.
My adoration for you
transcends across any time period;"

"The Astrophil to the Stella,
The Darcy to the Jane,
The Romeo to the Juliet,
The Adam to the Eve,
The Troilus to the Criseyde,
A song that sings for ages,
and lasts for an eternity."

"The flowers bow down their blooms in shame,
for they cannot best your beauty in comparison.
The moon wanes from your presence,
for she cannot act so gentle across my eyes.
The sky lark ceases its sweetest songs,
for it fails to shine when I hear your soothing voice.
The lion prowls away in fear,
for your countenance outlines a stalwart composure."

"When you are so flaw-free in my eyes,
the more I desire to conserve you;
Your pristine character, and your pure beauty.
I feel an even stronger need
to stop all the external vice and wrongs in the world
from latching onto you.
I grow protective, appreciative, and sometimes,
even a bit controlling.
But I do so, think so,
all because

Now do you understand?
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