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  Nov 2022 Zeyu
I know it was nothing
until you appeared one evening
You were waiting for me while raining
I ran to you like I was longing

You flashed an unforgettable smile
You hugged me tight for a while
Your warmth feels like home
I don’t want to let go

To grasp that moment is all I can do
Because I know when I open eyes
You will disappear out of the blue
Hi, I dreamed about you.
  Jun 2022 Zeyu
constantly creating worlds, as delicate and beautiful as paper,
strokes of ink scrawled all over that dissolve in the sun
and get set on fire,
i lost the addresses and now I'm a creature of a  poem-tainted new world,
rotting in the sun and constantly setting my mind on fire
recycling the dead universes, I was being strung along
Its hard to believe that these places were my homes when now they just drift through my mind and come in my dreams
if i went back there i would probably break down crying
i don't belong there anymore
it hurts
I've had too many worlds that i lived in
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