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Ffion Jones May 26
I used to love crows;
     I loved the way their glossy feathers
glittered in the daylight,
The way their eyes could
freeze a person's thoughts.

I used to love crows;
I'd read about their cunning ways
and how they harbour revenge -
I admired their loyalty to those
other crows that had been wronged by humans.

I was bewitched by them and their
croaky song,
A melody that almost foreshadowed the
downfall of the cursed.

I used to love crows,
But now I despise them.

If I could pluck each feather
off their haunted bodies I would,
Either to bring back what I've lost
Or just for the sheer pleasure of their pain.

Perhaps one day I will grow to
love them again.
But until that day,
   May God watch over the crows I cross.
Ffion Jones Feb 12
A rock sits on my heart
And your name is written on it.
God I used to write some depressing stuff xD
Ffion Jones Feb 5
They say silence speaks volumes,
but they must never have heard the
howling wind
shattering the ground's heart,
tearing the clouds apart.
Whatever I write, nature has a habit of sneaking its way through :)
Ffion Jones Feb 4
I spin myself a web of lies;
Lies that are disguised as the sweetest nectar
Yet contain a sickly poison within -
Killing yet comforting with every dose.

My tainted spell bewitches me,
To the point where both
mind and matter are
completely controlled by my
pleasurable pain,
And when my sense rejects this impulse my
insatiable heart clamours for more
and more,
pushing me to the brink of insanity -
Insanity that no one but my desire is to blame.

And what lies can influence the logical mind so?
Lies of unspoken passion which only my eye can see,
if my eye is to be believed.
Fantasies of requited need and longing,
Dreams of endless wonder at what could be
and what might be, maybe.

I don't want to believe my lies anymore
For they fool my silly heart,
Yet perhaps my lies are the only thing
Keeping my heart from breaking.
Throwback to when I fell in love at first sight all those years ago ✌️
Ffion Jones Feb 4
My thorns grow
meaner by the day, to
protect my
withering heart from the
rose I cannot claim.
This is a snippet from a poem I wrote years ago!
Ffion Jones Jul 2018
Time is currency,
Coins that I want to save up
Just to spend on you.
My attempt at a haiku!
Ffion Jones Jul 2018
Curled up like a young pup
I snuggle into the safety of my bed,
the delicate scent of dreams
floating through my mind, and bringing
me to the comfort of

Wrapped in your arms
I feel as if nothing can hurt me,
The protector of my heart
shielding me from pain,
Until at last you pull out your sword and
make my love for you bleed,
As you're not really there.

The breeze from my window
caresses my cheek while I lie
paralysed, and I reach out,
rabid for your touch but instead I
clutch at the cold wisps of wind that
tease me, as
You're not really there.
My dreams of you are so vivid, they both **** and comfort me.
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