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Savor moments alone
To meditate
And recharge

Rest in your own space
For a time each day
To create plans
And designs

Increase your own power
As you renew strength
And vigor

Then reach out - connect
With the world again
To fulfill designs
And serve
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This is one of those poems that I wrote for a certain background. We all need time to rest and recharge and get some alone time.

The purpose of time alone isn't to isolate indefinitely, but to renew your power so you can reconnect to your goals and to other people.

All great leaders, sages, gurus, and prophets valued alone time in order to increase power and focus!
So here I go again

If you walk
A mile in my shoes
You may feel it as an adventure
If you walk next 10 miles
You may feel something new
And if you walk for a whole week
About 30 miles or more
You will know
The enjoyable way to take steps
And If you walk for a whole month
You will know the core of life
All that one needs

I walk most often
To get myself recharged
Just what I need
Right at that moment

That's me
That's my shoes
And still

An extra mile ahead
Genre: Experimental
Theme: Everyday Life
femininefiction Dec 2020
In twenty days I will be back in Georgia

and I will feel the cold air pierce through my lungs as I stroll through the streets of downtown Atlanta

I will hear the sound of thick, southern drawls singing country songs by a diminished campfire, releasing the smell of burning leaves and Tennessee whiskey

I will see my grandmamas gaze as she welcomes me home with a *** of steaming Jambalaya and White Diamonds perfume

And my sweet souls will smile at me with their crooked teeth that look like mine
They will approach me with their fast paced walks that move like mine
They will laugh at me with innocence, light, and love

Their simple love  
their pure, loyal love
The kind of love that liberates
The kind of love that frees me
from the solitude I hold
So deeply within myself

And I will return to my little apartment
on the eastside of the city

with a memory of enlightenment
With a memory of gratitude
With a memory of grace

To shower you in
To nurture you with
To guide you to
The clear light of day
Dayda Jun 2020

I am reminded that I am hated
That I am never good enough
That my past mistakes will forever haunt me
That repenting is a waste of time
That I will forever be judged by my sins


I shall remind myself that I am loved more
That I am good enough
That I learned from my past mistakes
That repenting brings me closer to God
That I will instead be judged by how much I learned from my sins
Not everyday will be dandy. You will be blue and low. But always pick yourself up thereafter. See with glittering eyes. Always.
Poetic T Feb 2020
You were petroleum.

rhymes polluting the world..

          They were more deceased
than what your mouth ran off,

with your pollutive words..

              Clogging up others lungs.
You thought you were a driving force,

but you were a traffic jam...
    clogging up others lungs with
your stagnant rhymes,

you just stalled one more time..

But I'm rechargeable, neve missing
             a mile, while you ran out of
class about five miles back..

Your more extinct than the crude words
                                      you run off..
Dam I'm on the roadside choking on your exhaust.

But when I'm going, I'll never be polluting my
       rhyme, every breath is fresh.

And your extinct like what you run off..
Mallory May 2019
Thank you for seeing me
the way I was starving to be seen.
For sharing with me
the parts of myself
few people have been able to find,
especially me sometimes.
Thank you for the nights
you made me feel less alone
in the world.
Even if just for an instant.
To know a soul like yours exists
know this: I hope you find someone who sees it.
Let’s hold it,
feel it on our fingertips,
for one last moment.
And be grateful it even existed at all.
Thank you,
thank you,
thank you.
You have been a sparge
of light through dark
my Reece.
Thank you for this recharge
and for this release.
Do we stan a name drop?
Tatiana Apr 2019
The words I speak sound foreign to my ears
as I address strangers that I've known for years.
We're engaged in simple, common talk.
How I can't wait for it to stop!
It has been too much I need time to myself,
to disperse the energies of a negative self.
For one whole week I've continued to converse
and it's all sounding a bit rehearsed.
Conversation smothers me like a pillow
calling me to a sleep that's eternal.
I need to find a way to discharge
this exhaustion that stalks me and recharge.
I have been social since last friday and I haven't had a break from talking to people. I am going to go into hermit mode and not talk to anyone for a month at least, if I can't take a break from all conversation soon.
abigail j s Feb 2019
I think I would like to be a hummingbird,
flitting around on my own,
pausing on a branch for several seconds
to catch my breath
before moving on.

as it is,
I am constantly stopping and starting
starting to learn and then
stopping to think.

perhaps, in a way,
I am already
a hummingbird.
written November 2018.
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