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Mallory May 8
Thank you for seeing me
the way I was starving to be seen.
For sharing with me
the parts of myself
few people have been able to find,
especially me sometimes.
Thank you for the nights
you made me feel less alone
in the world.
Even if just for an instant.
To know a soul like yours exists
know this: I hope you find someone who sees it.
Let’s hold it,
feel it on our fingertips,
for one last moment.
And be grateful it even existed at all.
Thank you,
thank you,
thank you.
You have been a sparge
of light through dark
my Reece.
Thank you for this recharge
and for this release.
Do we stan a name drop?
Tatiana Apr 5
The words I speak sound foreign to my ears
as I address strangers that I've known for years.
We're engaged in simple, common talk.
How I can't wait for it to stop!
It has been too much I need time to myself,
to disperse the energies of a negative self.
For one whole week I've continued to converse
and it's all sounding a bit rehearsed.
Conversation smothers me like a pillow
calling me to a sleep that's eternal.
I need to find a way to discharge
this exhaustion that stalks me and recharge.
I have been social since last friday and I haven't had a break from talking to people. I am going to go into hermit mode and not talk to anyone for a month at least, if I can't take a break from all conversation soon.
abigail j s Feb 20
I think I would like to be a hummingbird,
flitting around on my own,
pausing on a branch for several seconds
to catch my breath
before moving on.

as it is,
I am constantly stopping and starting
starting to learn and then
stopping to think.

perhaps, in a way,
I am already
a hummingbird.
written November 2018.
Lee Aaun Feb 6
It's okay.
Sometimes brave girls
also need to recharge.
To heal again,
To smile again,
To hide tears,
To feel better.
It's okay
to recharge yourself.
Arcassin B Oct 2018
by Arcassin Burnham

Sorry if I'm a little hard spoken on this poem,
But the ******* that i put up with for so many years got me
Clinching my fists and releasing my hate on the tree in the
Backyard where all the weights are, no point to recharge,
No point To be on guard,
**** this life and the people that tried to end mine,
Picking on my mental illness,
I can see the end around the corner.
Is it a crime to want to live in peace, no there no peace nowhere,
They say God doesn't put you through something you can not beat,
And while I'm torn between the fake and reality , I can not be.
Viral Oct 2017
Summon your mental defences
Free all the neurons
Numb all the senses
Let the thoughts pass by
Abandon all emotions
Ignore it all
Emergencies are notions
Stop with the worries
Your mind is not defective
You just need some some sleep
And the morning's fresh perspective

— The End —