stephanie Feb 10
I wanna smoke all my cigarettes
down any drink I can find
remember how I used to call you mine
but you were never really mine
stephanie Jan 10
eternal slumber

warmth, provided by lover

postponing our stress
stephanie Jan 10
i take that pill
as a substitute
for weed.

it's not an exact
replica, though.
the effects are

almost completely different.
my drowsiness is more

rather than
playful and

the high makes
my stomach turn
not growl with hunger.

I don't want to sound
like a cliche hippie,
but I prefer the herb.
stephanie Nov 2017
Our lips were just barely touching each other, but enough that I could still feel his lips on mine.
Neither of us knew it at the time, but we were both, once again, freaking out on the inside. Thinking, “I really wanna kiss him/her…. Is this okay? … Should I do it?” which lead to a “fuck it. I’m going in. what’s the worst that could happen?”
Even though I didn’t have far to go, I kissed him like we were feet away from each other. Miles away from each other. That’s what the force felt like, the energy behind the kiss. It felt like coming home. Every muscle in my body tensed up and my blood turned to foam. I didn’t want to stop. I wanted to live in that “first kiss” moment forever. With his left palm on my side, he grabbed me, trying to fit all he’s ever wanted into a fist. I did the same. Everything fell into place within those few minutes; and although it was dark outside, my whole world shifted from night to day.
we were the one thing in the galaxy god didnt have his eyes on
stephanie Nov 2017
I like being the last to close my eyes
before a kiss
so I can get one last glimpse of those eyes
stephanie Nov 2017
you're sleeping next to me again
its a good feeling. a safe feeling.
i didnt know that this is what i've really been looking for
for so long.
i want this moment to last forever.
it does now.
stephanie Nov 2017
i just love being
around him. i miss him when
he's not around. stay//
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