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I can't form the right words for you now
or ever
so I'll kiss you instead
and hope that you understand
Yearning for love
longing again
maybe just need
another friend

He is the one
straight after the other
don't think we belong
to one another

Forced it once
said "never again"
but here I am
backwards in bend

I'm yearning for love
longing for a lover
I think you are too
why the **** do we bother?
#love #longing #yearning
The tides are fleeting
half an hour of pristine high waters
then stripped away
leaving debris of the oceans secrets ashore

Unlike home, where the tides go in and out
yet the notion of swimming stays intact

Perhaps the moon wants us to appreciate more here
If the ocean was this inviting all day long
we wouldn't revel in its beauty

Swimming in the high tide here
is like being on the moon
this calm state of being is so foreign to me
and I dance like a child in the soft of the Earth
like a dolphin after its feed
like a falling feather from a high flying bird

I've never been to the moon, but I imagine it like this
drifting, floating and fading away to this music
I've never been to the moon, but I imagine it like this
and I never want to be anywhere else
Caitlin Ellis Mar 28
I've sat once again
at the foot of my mother's old typewriter
journals of ideas scattered at my feet

The letter A is missing
I never realised the effect of one letter
the ripples it causes in an ocean
How it changes my writing, what I need to say

I dreamt of waves a few nights ago
At first they terrified me
but as they reached me
they were gentle and soft
welcoming like an old friend greeting me with a hug

I hope he is my missing letter
The ripples and waves in my ocean
and when he is not around
I am without
Caitlin Ellis Mar 25
I dreamt of silk sheets
and the feeling
of being wrapped in them with you
Caitlin Ellis Mar 11
I have taken back my life
so much that the flowers have died
they lay lifeless on the counter
the same way i did as they bloomed

Is it selfish
that I really don't mind
the way they droop

The longing they carry
or the dark discolouration of petals
holding the open hands
outstretched by life itself

Goodbye flowers
it's been real
Caitlin Ellis Mar 11
Thief of words
Thief of mind
Is it envy?
Or is that poetry mine?
You mine and you dig at my future thoughts
Dig away at my throat till the language is lost
Tossed, torn, thrown aside
I lied
you cried , you're a tourist to my eyes
Shacked up in this place just somewhere to hide
Then I finally realised
They're yours to keep
Maybe to be a poet
I am just too weak
you're a thief of mind
Thief of soul
Carrier of mystery
Miner of gold
Float along now
With your shoulder strung sack
You're striped stealing suit
And your pen, jet black
Write the things I'm going to say
Cause they'll choke on my tongue or hit the hay anyway
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