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Caitlin Ellis Aug 12
You're the snake
i'm the fool
take me in
make me drool

eyes aimed like a loaded gun
two barrels pointed
telling me to run

your lips say closer
I can't resist
you've got these arms that scream 'mine'
and i'm clutching your wrist

play with the devil
then tease me the same
i know it's you
that wants to scream my name

I'm no snake
you're no fool
take some
or take it all
Caitlin Ellis Aug 12
You call me selfish
then who's your slave
put this shovel in my hand
got me digging my own grave

Don't call me reckless
i'm no fool
get up off the edge
of that high lying stool

I'm only young mother dear
why do you fear
you should know now you can't keep
a free bird near
Caitlin Ellis Aug 12
the bittersweet homecoming
these telephone box blues
distance has humour
life does too
Caitlin Ellis Aug 12
I cradle myself
because you won't
I swaddle myself
in those words you once wrote
an old one
Caitlin Ellis Apr 22
My heart's an empire
And you're ruling it without me
Caitlin Ellis Apr 20
My body aches
in memory of the night's embrace
running dreams and a fractured picture of your face
as I saw you
thought 'this is the right time and place'
some would say fate
or a tribute to the many other wasted days

The nights are made for your sideways glances
for the love you breathe and a million chances
held your hand in search for answers

strained, wired, so very tired
and I am reminded
of your smile, by the light i'm blinded
Caitlin Ellis Apr 20
I thought distance had humor
that it partners with life
quietly snickering
hand in hand modelling mischief

But there is no game, really
the naked truth being
that I am here
and you are not

that the only thing that would go better
hand in hand
is us
and the only naked truth
being our bodies
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