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Your heart beats silently,
Is your love as still as your heart rate?
Max Jun 25
Time just gets away from us.
Had to quote this amazing sentence from the best ending of one of the best movies I've seen.
Dream Fisher Jun 25
My father's been acting like a victim
So I thought I'd set the record clear
Giving an impression our mother
Made us steer clear of your path.
I was on a different poem
But I thought I'd help everyone else do the math.

We were told to spend time with you
But you spent ten years blowing me off
So when given the chance I blew you off,
Don't play innocent, I'm not wrong.
The first thing you found was a new wife,
The first thing you left was my life.
No one's manipulating me, Pinocchio,
The only puppet trying to play strings is you
If only you grew up like your nose,
Go back to the bar for some cheap hoes
Then enter my life once a year as your regret grows.

Hey let's play a game,
I bet your too busy to respond.
Visit my sister, I bet the response is the same.
Your little children are gone,
Ok here's the question I'm on.
How come I couldn't get your phone number for years?
How come I message you then left on "read"?
How come you never ask about me at all?
It's been 16 years and not a single call.
I bet you tried, I just wasn't important enough
Keep changing the story in your head
Play the victim until you're dead.

Sad to say you're a stranger to me
Don't you ever dare cast blame.
This is your bed, lie down
Lie the **** down.
larni Jun 17
love is a word
too much
much too soon
Levi Jun 14
Catch me a body
Give me a vessel
One that I can deposit in for future savings
My safety net
My last call
My first account for the day
I like a good orange
Both color and fruit.
I like a good man
With honesty and truth.
I like a good family
Who laugh and cry.
But I have nothing
I don't know why.

I have no fruit
No oranges at all.
I know no man
None at all.
I have a family
As one should.
But it's nothing like that
It's nothing good.
Just a quick one to commemorate me coming back to Hello Poetry in years.
H3L3 May 18
When I took you,
                  When I took you it stripped away worry.
When I took you,
                  When I took you I finally felt like me.
You were in reach,
                  You were in reach, so easily attainable
and it was crazy,
                   it was crazy to think that you would be
                   the answer to the 19 year old question,
                    "Who am I?"
                    "Who is me?"
I took you and it felt amazing,
                   I took you, and for that short while I felt calm.
But nothing ever lasts and one is never by itself.
I don't have anything to say to this one y'all
Ashari Ty May 10

Send me to hell for all I care
As heaven only matters
If you were my angel
Just an enjoyable quick write. I hope it's appreciated!
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