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Kerdell Apr 12
He love you because you listen, i love you because you learn...he loves you because your beautiful i love you because you're bold...he love you because you kept his secrets, i love you because you told. He loves the pain you accept, i give love till you unfold, he tears your heart apart, i collect the pieces and make them whole. He imprisons you with lies and promises, i remove loves' blindfold. I'd die before he---BANG....there goes another Hero, added to loves' death toll.
Just having  fun with my thoughts.
Kerdell Apr 12
I am not yet that which I will be tomorrow, but today, I can still be that which I was yesterday.
Kerdell Jul 2019
As the air flowed through the room, emotions filled each crevice, the color stained walls seemed gray, shadows of sorrow grew where the lights died, the distinct and loud sound of her inner drums drowned the silence which was slowly creeping out.
This was the moment;
Her pain was felt.
Kerdell Mar 2019
“ nothing that last forever is real, real always grows sick, withers and die some day”
Kerdell Apr 2017
Coloured vibe, caring heart, thoughtful mind, a blissful smile,
I know a girl who's gold inside.
Bright eyes, puffy hair, angelic voice like Rihanna's peer.
I know a girl who's gold inside.
Aries child, her soul is pure, a beautiful face you'd want no more.
I know a girl who's gold inside.
Judged by the cover on many occasions, read her pages, now give a standing ovation.
I know a girl who's gold inside.
She's a wonder of this world i hope she see's that, such an admirable flower which blossom's where the streets crack.
I know a girl who's made of gold.
I'd never thought someone could be like this, you know that perfect dream? that premeditated wish?
I know a girl who gold is like, to the darkest of hope she brings to it. Light!
Wrote this for a friend as a birthday treat. still needs some work though.
Kerdell Mar 2017
I wanna live like forever, not thinking that i'll die someday.
Kerdell Jul 2016
Just like the candle, my light die sometimes.
Constructive criticism welcomed.
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