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Vick Mandrake Feb 2018
She had a wave tattooed on her ribs
Which is apt
For her body was a riptide
That lead straight to her whirlpool heart

She had the sun tattooed on her thigh
Which is apt
For she was my sunshine
Every day was a new moon night when we were apart

She had a lyre tattooed on her shoulder
Which is apt
For she was my muse
And she always kept me in the dark
Vick Mandrake Feb 2018
In my front yard there’s a tree
That’s just the same age as me
The tree is much taller
But I am much wiser
Because a tree cannot think, you see
Vick Mandrake Feb 2018
I had never known
What I do not know
And I do not know
What I had never known
Is not something I know
I know
I know
I do not know
And I know the unknown
I do not know
I know

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Vick Mandrake Feb 2018
Why do clocks only toll on the hour
When I have to wake up at 7:15?
The train meets the station at 8:33
But the clock will not chime until 9
That's 27 minutes of anticipation
For what? It's sad, I find
That the clock only tolls
But once on the hour
And my appointment isn't 'till
The half
I've thought about changing the final line to "Till 8:45" (shifting "till" from the prior line) but I figured if I had to force a rhyme why not just drop it entirely
Vick Mandrake Feb 2018
The bard feels all sung out
As the world around him sleeps
He is the only one left
In the right sense of mind
Who doesn't feel strung out

So he sets to write a merry tune
'pon his lute so fine
For come the morning
When the people awake
An old tune just won't shine

He tries and tries
Till the **** does crow
But sadly sunrise comes

The women start to knead their dough
To cook their breakfast buns

And the poor old Bard
In this moment did find
Of songs he wrote not a single one
And he now is out of time
Vick Mandrake Feb 2018
The last thing on my mind
Would be
The last thing on my mind
I think about what that will be
But only time to time

For I find that when the
Day is done
When the children count sheep
And the race is run

When King Sun goes to sleep
And Queen Moon presides
Asleep in bed
With my love
At my side

That is when I hope I will die
Inspired by learning of the final words of Brad Delp; “J’ai une âme solitaire”
Vick Mandrake Feb 2018
The grass is always greener
When the sun and moon share time
And if you wish to change demeanor
You'll learn this truth, I find

For I have rode the albatross
And dove deep into the sea
I have climbed with Sisyphus
And Hades set me free
I always consider putting the intended meanings in this section but time and again I've decided I'd rather have the reader to assign their own meanings than me tell them what to feel
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