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Mystic Ink Plus Dec 2018
Give an eager FOX
MEDAL  engraved

All FELLOW FOXES  know, who the king is
And the LION don’t bothers to prove it

A ROAR is enough
Genre: Observational
Theme: Jungle Rule
Mystic Ink Plus Sep 2018
Tell me a lie

Try to convince, it's true
Try harder with evidences to prove

Tell me a lie

Change the expression to assure
Hide the vibration to prove

I will be amused by
The act
The subtle effort, and
The precious wasted time

Ha ha
Tell me
More lies.......more
Genre: Experimental
Theme: Vibes never lie
Keira Jun 2018
i was
       c o l d             and
                      n u m b
          but your
l o v e               set my on
               f i re
– i still have the burns to prove it
Amanda May 2018
I do not know what to do anymore
Sometimes you call, sometimes you don't
I think there is something you're not saying
I want you to tell me, but you won't.

I understand you're not good with words
You are bad at expressing how you feel
But what you are concealing with silence
The hands of time will eventually reveal.

I worry you discovered someone else
A girl far more wonderful than me
What else could you have been implying
When you said that you have been "busy"?

Maybe I am overthinking it
Probably jumping to conclusions
I tend to be a little overdramatic
Prone to fantasies and delusions.

I have always believed that you were
Honest but now I am not so sure
Now that you are gone I'm the way that I was
Without you I am weak and insecure.

It is hard for me to trust you again
Prove to me you love me still
Just once want you to fight for me
But I know you never will.
Written 1/13/13
Fight for the things and people you love, don't wait until its too late.
april w Apr 2018
What do I have to do
For you
To feel like
I’m good enough?

Do I have to
To you
My worth?

Who are you to judge?
Why am I still striving for your approval?

When I know
The truth is
I will never be good enough
In your eyes

But in mine
I am good enough

The kind of good enough
That can be better

The kind of good enough
That isn’t
As good as other people

The kind of good enough
That isn’t

Good enough
Mane Omsy Feb 2018
Second chances, fresh piece
Guilty of being nice, cruelty
Knocks on the door proved
How much I was *******
Celebrate death on the string
You don’t have the guts now
Later, regret you’ve done right
Something special with you
It’s labelled on your head
You are different, let them ****
Mosquitoes die with a slap
Look yourself on the mirror
Put your mind fixed on good
Reel beef with the powerful
Save a lot of time without pawns
Move the queen and check mate
Proceed to be the first to act
Building a concrete base down
Stay on the top later, haters fade
this tick
time me in an lesson
bent back lesson
turn me over
spank me
learn me
time me
claim to be

question me in between the lines
watch my fingers be drawn as fists
he walked an little closer to me
excuse me miss
the truth on paper they couldn't read
all these shapes have taught me
it was the lines in between
one could suppose
then again
what more could you do
other than
time me

Daisy Rae Jan 2018
we are all trying so hard
to prove ourselves
to enemies
who will never see
our successes
as successful,
to our family
who tells us
we need to try harder
like our siblings,
to strangers
who could care less
about our achievements,
to the world
who doesn’t care
because we are
little specks
in a gigantic galaxy,
why do we try
to prove ourselves
to such people,
why do we try
to prove our worth
to those who see us
as worthless.
you do not have to prove yourself
Jayantee Khare Jun 2017
Proving daily that ending with "goodbye" was really good buy...
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