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Johnny Noiπ Feb 5
Vesuvius has a long historical
and literary tradition. It was considered
a deity of the genius type at the time
of the explosion in the year 79:
it appears under the registered name
of Vesuvius as a snake in the ornamental
frescoes of many residential sanctuaries
or dwellings that survive Pompeii.
An inscription from Capua to IOVI
VESVVIO shows that it was worshiped
as the power of Zeus. That is, Zeus Vesuvius.
Mount Vesuvius / vɪsuːviəs /; Italian:
Mount Vesuvio [monte vezuːvjo];
Napolitano: Vesuvius? Latin: Mons Vesuvius
[mõːs wɛsʊwɪ.ʊs]; Also Vesevus or Vesaevus
in some Roman sources is a somma-
stratovolcano located in the Bay of Naples
in Campania, about 9 kilometers
east of Naples and a short distance
from the coast. It is one of the many
volcanoes that make up the campanian
volcano. Vesuvius consists of a large cone
partially surrounded by the steep crest
of a boiler peak caused by the collapse
of a previous structure and initially
much higher. Mount Vesuvius is known
for its eruption in 79 AD. which led
to the burial and destruction
of the Roman cities of Pompeii,
Herculaneum, Orlando and Stabia,
as well as many other settlements.
The explosion threw a cloud of stones,
ash and volcanic gases at a height of 33 miles
(21 km), throwing molten rock and pulverized
pumice at a speed of 6 x 105 cubic meters
of 7.8 x 105 hm per second, finally
releasing one hundred thousand times
the thermal energy released by the Hiroshima-
Nagasaki bombing. More than 1,000 people
died in the explosion, but the exact numbers
are unknown. The only witness to the event,
who survived, are two letters from Pliny
the youngest to the historic Tacitus.
Vesuvius has closed many times
since then and is the only volcano
on the European continent that erupted
in the last hundred years. Today,
it is considered one of the most
dangerous volcanoes in the world due
to the population of 3,000,000 inhabitants
living nearby, which makes it the most
densely populated volcanic region
in the world and its tendency to violent
explosions of the Plinian type. . . The Romans
considered that Vesuvius was dedicated
to Hercules. The historian Diodorus Siculus
refers to the tradition that Hercules,
in carrying out his work, passed
from the country of nearby Cumae
on his way to Sicily and found there
a place called "Plain of Flegaria",
Field of Flegrasien, "Plain of Fire",
from a hill that initially drowned fire. . .
now it's called Vesuvius. "They were inhabited by thieves,"
the children of the Earth, "who were giants,
who with the help of the gods pacified
the region and continued the events
behind the tradition,    if there are any,
remaining known as in the name of the city
Herculaneum.  An inscription by the poet
Martial in AD 88 suggests that both Aphrodite
as the protector of Pompeii and Hercules
were worshiped in the area that was destroyed by its eruption.
SpiritAnimal Aug 2018
Rumblings shaking the earth
Names cried out, long lost
Blame the gods, or us
Who forgot to pray?

Buildings collapsing
“Ubi est mater?”,
Children cry
Who forgot to pray?

Ash everywhere
Miles and miles of dust
This is it,
Goodbye Pompeii.
hxrvld Jun 2018
Shoulder to shoulder
Finger to finger
Thirst of love
Filled with love
Overflowing love
City lights in Eden
Caresses somewhere hidden
Streetlight kisses
Walking beside the blue river
Lured by the old architect
Under the lost city of Pompeii
French kisses in the quiet palace
Sinless pleasure
Singing beside asphalt
Down to the town
Of dazzle diamonds
Lovely dinner
Fulfilled the hunger
Ends at the train station
With no kisses
& heavy feeling.
grace Sep 2017
i watched the smoke loom into the sky.
you and i, we don't pay it any mind.
the blood is rushing to my face—
vesuvius who?

a.d. sixty-two: an earthquake shook the ground.
that was seventeen years ago, and we are twenty now.
four days ago the shakes started again
but i don't mind the sound.

i close my eyes and i am gone
the room is full of heat
volcanic ash and tephra and gas—
forever, we're asleep.
Peter Balkus Sep 2017
One day it will erupt
and turn this city into grave - I say.

No one believes a fortune-teller,
no one wants to face the fate.
They won’t leave Pompeii,
nothing can make them go,
there's no place like this
in the whole Rome.

Nothing will make them leave,
only fools run away from paradise.
They are singing and drinking wine,
girls are dancing and music's playing.

I wish I didn't know how it will end,
I wish I was one of them.

I'll pour some wine into the glass
and down it as fast as I can,
and then I'll have another one,
and another one.
I'll be singing with them, dancing.
I'll kiss a girl and then I'll sleep with her,

I will be trying to forget it.
Niobe Sep 2017
She is made of the fires of Pompeii,
The waters of the Mediterranean,
The leaves of Tir na Nog.

She is the eye in my storming skies,
The confused time between dark and dawn,
Violet, calm, navy, bright and ordinary.
She is my Lorelei, my forest fairy.
Her voice paints my glasses in green and gold,
Hues of sunsets and city lights
Dance across the horizon.
Only I can see them.

The ocean is full of stars in direct sunlight,
And so too am I under her gaze.

She is the fires of Pompeii,
The waters of every ocean,
The whole forest of Tir na Nog.

To her,
I am a rusting penny,
A grain of rice sitting in the cupboard.
She is my Bridge of Sighs, she is La Seine,
And I am her bright red pen marking suggestions,
Never corrections.
She is my Lorelei, and I her nothing.
Temporal Fugue Apr 2017
The sidewalk ends, with a solid solemn note
the purpose has no walls, but has a perfect moat
Birds in the eaves and overhangs, raccoons in the hall
imagination as it flows, or does not flow at all

Dwelling on the the bitter absence of simple electrical thought
some things cannot be purchased, sold, or ever bought
A daydream or a nightmare, solidified by pure control
molding what's at hand, as diamonds, made from coal

String the pearls of all things grasped, and so upheld
as are good dialogues, leading too, a quintessential spell
Hone the blades of heroes, bending edicts and all rules
using words as barriers, against the bravery of fools

I never thought to hold the strings, of all the prose that I have lost
divining a newer better phrase, running up a dire financial cost
Give me back all the discarded pangs, I've left there in my past
conjoining in deliverance, as broken bones in graves, been cast

It's like the final days of great Pompeii. or greater Rome
Nero on his lyre, Pompeii's burned within their homes
Draw the dipped quill across, what is and is not so
gleanings of similar minds, inspiring as it goes
Ya never know where it comes from, it either comes, or, it doesn't. :D
Taylor St Onge Aug 2016
If the Sacred Fire of Vesta went out, it meant one of two things:
1. Rome was in danger;
2. A Vestal ******, a guardian of the flame, was having ***.  
Chastity                                      and                                       fire
are two attributes that are directly correlated.  If one is lost,
the other will follow.  Trust me.  This is fact:
                                                                ­                 only ****** women
                                                                ­                   can be celebrated.

The ****** Mary,
                                    the ****** goddesses,
                                                      ­                       the way **** was seen as a crime
                                                           ­               against the father, not the daughter:
                     ­         must
                ­              pure.  

Do not eat the pomegranate seeds,
do not touch the fruit of knowledge.  A
                                                   ­                    statue of a young boy
                                                             ­              holding an apple
                                               does not hold
                                        the same connotation
as a woman holding an apple.  Offering it to a man who
could have refused.  Getting blamed for the fall from Eden.  

                           A woman
with a snake draped around her body is not Eve,
is Lilith, but it’s close enough.  They are both to blame for
all the evils of the world, so what does it really matter anyway?  Women
are more susceptible to wavering in their faith in God,
to worshipping the devil, to practicing witchcraft—

            The flames are out.  Rome is not safe.  A “******” is buried
            alive for her sin.  Lilith is slaughtering women in childbirth.  
            Babies  are  dying.   A  man  is  celebrated  for  his  multiple
            lovers.   ****  shaming  in  79  AD.    The  beds   in   Pompeii
            brothels are made of stone.   St.  Cecilia  is  face  down in the
            dirt.   Women on the same level as slaves,  if not lower.  The
                                     goddess Vesta as a housewife.
Written for my Rome chapbook in January.
Leah Barton Apr 2016
I came to find you rested
Upon some fabled shore
My ballerina toes gracing
Your ivory piano keys
Can I dance your melody
Without messing up once?

The wind slowly encased
Our bodies with sand
Forever entwined
But still cursed
To die together
I'd rather live without you

One day after eons have past
We will be resurrected
By archeologists
Who will think we are deities
And they shall compare us
To the ghosts of Pompeii

I wonder now if I should have come
To meet you on the beach that day
But something inside of me knew
That before I even walked towards you
Before I even spoke your name
That you'd ruin me
And I came
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