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Nicole Sep 8
And i will wait for the day
That you'll realize
I stayed
Because you want me to

And ill wait for the day
That you'll realize
We need to leave
Because we deserve other souls too
Nicole Sep 8
Magic words
That set me in trance

"I believe in you."
Nicole Sep 1
I spy with my little eye
Your hands intertwine
With another and your favorite tie
Nicole Sep 1
If you were my bed
Id never want to leave

If you were my favorite book
Id read you all over again

But you're not

You were that bed sheet i should've replaced

You were that book  i should've just stuck at the corner of my shelf

And until this fragile heart
Hurts no more
And until the last allegory id think of you
I will always compare you
To every piece and every word
Because darling
I love you
Even if it hurts
Nicole Sep 1
you are every allegory
in my catastrophe
Nicole Aug 30
my first love was
in the right place at the wrong time
my second love was
in the right time at the wrong place
and you
my last love
i may not have met you yet
but you're still in my prayers
Nicole Aug 29
im still in daze
are you my love story?
or just
another picture to burn?
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