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My mind is a castle
Caught up within clouds
Dreaming of fairytales and knights
Or a prince with a crown
Thinking true love is the answer;
My first kiss will break the spell
Making wishes on all the pennies
I’ve thrown into wells

I am a princess in a tower
I’ve been waiting for the day
When the walls around me crumble
Will a hero come my way?
But my castle in the clouds
Isn’t real, it’s make-believe
This hero doesn’t exist
It is my heart’s own cold reprieve.

So I will climb down from my tower
With my own bare hands and feet
And I will wrestle every dragon
Until I set myself free
I will bleed and I’ll break a few of my bones
And in the leaves of the trees I’ll make a new home
With the birds and the sky, the grass and the earth
Because I don’t need a man to make me feel my own worth.
A black onyx in a sea of shimmering diamonds
A devil in disguise to the whitest angel of heaven
You stole all her tenderness, her trust and her love
So that you could be entertained for one day, for one month.

You fed her white lies as she wept by your feet;
promises you never intended to keep,
actions that never allowed her to sleep
She would watch your chest rising and falling
Rendering precious breath from your nostrils
And wonder if she could climb inside
Wonder if she could rip out the beating *****
The one that you called a heart
Because on nights that she lie awake next to you
She would listen to it through your skin
Asking herself how such cruelty could be alive

Her wings were like butterfly’s; you blew off the dust,
She couldn’t leave the ground,
Though you knew that she must
You left her for months without warning
She couldn’t read your mind
You threw her innocent questions back in anger
You know, you didn’t tell her
She didn’t have a clue,
She had to make up her own stories
Uuntil you appeared out of the blue.

Did you miss her truly, was your love for her complete?
Or were you scared of losing what you knew you couldn’t keep?
Because you didn’t take away her fears, you added to her sin
You filled her up with demons that scarred her precious skin.
And on the nights you were not there
She knew you did not care.
She filled herself with ethanol and drugs that made her sick.
And the worst part is that she forgave you, because she’s still so ******* rare.

You broke her trust one hundred times
And she didn’t bat an eye,
Because she believed there was still some good in you,
But I think that good had died.
Or perhaps it was never there,
Perhaps it was all in her.
But not anymore.

Now it’s on the floor,
On the door,
In other people’s rooms,
In the girl you thought was better than her.
The girl you should have left in the bar.
You may have begged for her forgiveness
Under the shining stars
Walked her home within the rain
And kissed both of her palms
But words will never heal the wounds
That etched into her soul
Or erase the memories
That still haunt her,
That make it hard for her to grow.

Your angel is no angel anymore
You may have set her free
But you also made her scared.
Blue patterned seats
Between cold yellow poles
Strangers seated with eyes
That never catch their souls

Bodies pressed against bodies
Heat and oxygen shared
To remain in one’s solitude
Is the universal prayer

Fingers meet
Or feet step on feet
Apologies never catered
Words don’t ever speak

People with the most in common
Those standing, those seated
Every one of them human
Every one of them beating

This unity shared
Though never acknowledged
Has its own kind of beauty
Forever repeated
Swallows fly the hazy skies
Dappled clouds their only threat
Swans caress the stream below
Their whitest wings have no regrets

The Sun and Moon both reign as one
Content with holding hands
For even in the space out here
Alone, one never stands

The breeze has taught all to be still
To surrender our arms; to breathe
To never let our minds control
Our hearts that must be free

Shining stars become our landmarks
Fiery beacons blazing high
Shooting stars become our hope
Against the seas of tears we cry

Perhaps my eyes are rambling
On the open space above
While my heart stays rooted here below
Overflowing with love

— The End —