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Purcy Flaherty Mar 2018
A little green frog is trying to catch my eye!
A little green frog is trying to catch my eye!
It’s a tadpole-lite; it's lily lies,
It's sticky poison and feminine whiles,
A little green frog is trying to catch my eye!
Hoppity, hoppity, hoppity, drama!
A little green frog is trying to catch my ear!
A little green frog is trying to catch my ear!
It's mouth is full of flies and it's belly's full of lies.
A little green frog trying to catch my ear!
Hoppity, hoppity, hoppity, drama!
A little green frog is trying to catch my boat!
A little green frog is trying to stay afloat!
It's got two knocked knees and two bent legs,
a plastic smile and a crazy head.
A little green frog is trying to catch my boat!
Hoppity, hoppity, hoppity, drama!
A little green frog is trying to catch my eye!
A little green frog is trying to catch a ride!
It's up and down all night long;
splashing about in the water,
A little green frog's still tryin' to catch my ...
A little green frog's still tryin' to catch my...
A little green frog's tryin' to catch a ride.
There's no point in trying to engage with little green frogs!
They're quite mundane, just splashing about catching flys
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jack  Jan 2013
jack Jan 2013
Your eyes send impulses that traverse the convoluted muss
that started as a single point, maybe then spindling outwards
then inwards, still so much
that I couldn't reach you there
until they founded the internet
and you sat breathing in some fashion,
mousing your way
Elizabeth Zenk  Nov 2018
Elizabeth Zenk Nov 2018
on the chessboard of life,
i am no more than a pawn.
a fruitless tree in an astoundingly vast orchid.
a candle that lacks a wick, a flame that never flickers.
a hypothetical being without a purpose or plan.
the hypocritical brute, who is fattened on self-grandeur and sick off narcissistic thoughts.
in the dictionary of life
i am no more than a punctuation mark,
a mere dot on a piece of paper,
trying to clarify the stew of words, flung together by an equally trifling author.
i am nothing
Carter Ginter Apr 2013
Worst mood ever and I can't write.
I wake up into this weight on my chest
And thinking of everything I've done that I regret
Wishing I'd just be dead
I'm weird, crazy, illogical, ******
Why does everything always go the same?
It's just like my shot putting
I know what I'm SUPPOSED to do
But for some reason I just can't.
I'm sick of how I am
I really am
And I can't sleep when I'm sick with regret.
I don't understand myself
And why I can't just be normal
Have normal friends
Do normal things.
Instead I'm socially awkward
An angry individual.
And I just wish it was over.
I don't know why.
I know what I have is good
So why am I complaining?
People make me angry
I think I just need to remember that no one is perfect
Nothing works the way it 'should'
Little things set me off
Nothing calms me down but time
Sometimes time just gives everything a chance to boil
Boil over until I snap
Until I lose it
I'm seriously sick of people
I used to be able to at least hold a conversation
Now I can even do that much
I can't even write right.
This is sort of just a free write journal thing. I've been in a terrible mood for the past week or so and I woke up even worse today. I would never do anything stupid that would harm myself but nothing in this write is a lie. It's my thoughts straight from my head to the page. Sorry it's just a pointless, probably selfish rant. But when I can't write well it's the one way to still get my emotions out if my head.
Even sweetest muse
cannot carry the burden
which singing of you
drops on pearly gates.

Given the choice between
heaven or hell,
you have chosen the path
that leads to a better place
for everyone involved.

Demonic swathes attempt to
steady themselves
for the barrage of good fortune
that sight of you brings
to the condemned and their kin.

I hate it when you do that;
the way you dissolve a
malignant thought
with some melodious sentence,
whatever it may be.

Your voice
is the judgement in my mind's courtroom
that breaks the shackles
holding my ego hostage,
where flowers do not bloom
and hope is six feet from reality.
(wasted breath)
Carter Ginter Jan 2013
I can't find the words to explain
This thing I do.
It's not like there's a purpose to it
No real happy ending
But still it continues.
This back and forth repetition
And it works.
Even though it really doesn't.
Because its pathetic,
truly pathetic
That I am so hooked into you
And for what?
A conversation that ends in anger
Or more pain even.
Because you still love her
But I can't get over you so easily
I've tried.
*And I keep trying.
Ever had that one person that was really nothing but your emotions are telling you otherwise? The one who hurt you but you just keep wanting to go back for more? 'Just one more conversation' you tell yourself as the text sends. And it never ends well.
The first two 'I's were originally 'we's but then I realized it isn't really her, it's me.
And for the most part I am over it. But there's those few days when I'm not. And today would e one of them.
Tufayl Myburgh Mar 2018
I love her.

I unequivocally love her but only from a distance. Sometimes I think it's better that way.

I have the courage to tell her everything down to my deepest darkest secret except for one,

That I love her.

I wish to kiss her. Every day as I tell her I love her but only from a distance and I blow my kisses because it's harder to be rejected from a quarter mile away.

I love her in loneliness for in my lonesome she is mine and mine alone.

She is the example young kids are given when being taught about true love because when I think about her I think about love and how much I love her.

I just wish I had the courage to tell her I love her but I realise it's not the courage I lack.

She is.
I kinda actually love her. Maybe.
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