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Armand-DeamoJC Oct 2018
I'm extremely frustrated
It's difficult to explain
As well as infuriated,
but why complain?
Friendship deteriorated
And ended in pain
I want to write more, but I can't think lf anything. It's just too ******* painful to even figure out what I'm feeling
Adrian Sep 2018
Stitched into this sac of skin at birth.
That fused to your bones
Fabricating a narcotic seamless facade

We pluck at the seams, with crude claws.
Laboring to unravel the lace seams
In vain

Whirling, flickering, suffocating nausea aimed at
Misuse of our pronouns of
Our echoing repulsive abnormal figure.

Funding a doctor to shed our skin.
Mutilating skin and bone to perfection.
For self-acceptance.
Armand-DeamoJC Sep 2018
Received on February 14th, valentines day
Not meant to be this way
Just for my soul to train
The cup she gave me
my valued  possession
turned to the thing
blocking progression
I drink from it
Filled with rage
Wrists un-slid
again, this stage
Keep it to tease
the beast inside me
for if I throw it away
I would be the same
that I was the day
I broke her
and threw her away
And remembered
I threw her away first
and broke her first
******* hate myself for that
Lucy Mohr Feb 2018
You can do this. (Do you even understand?)

The fight is half over. (No. it's just begun...)

Don't stop believing. (can't stop if you never started...)

It can't be that bad... (Oh... It's much worse...)

What's wrong? (What isn't?)

It'll be okay... (No... It will never be okay.)

(No I'm not fine... No I don't want to talk about it... No I don't need a hug... I just want you to leave me the **** alone...)
"Sometimes to stay alive you gotta **** your mind..."
-Tyler Joseph
*A conversation between you...and your mind...*
Lucy Mohr Feb 2018
I'm not.
I think the world is against me.
I think I will never amount to anything.
I think I can't do anything right.
I think it will be okay.
But it never is.
It will never be okay, not in a million years.
It will never be fine, like I tell my mom everyday.
It will always be a ******* **** show of my life.
The scariest part is, I can't remember how I felt before.
I can't remember the happiness, or the joy.
All I can remember is the sadness, the anger'
The pain, the ripping in my chest.
Every time I think I'm done.....
John AD Dec 2017
What a wonderful day , Hearing all the pain from the others
Everytime it think about it, it hurts, feelings are so deep
I wish to become a child again. I miss myself, the moment,
When I was a child seeing my father and mother both love each other,
getting those small things that makes me so happy and not colder,
Just enjoyable days happens as a child that will not happen today

Because today , all the happiest things become confusion
Writing this poem , falling tears , can't find a way or a solution.
Maybe I'm at the breaking point where I don't care about my life anymore,
I just want to end my life , so I can escape from the pain that keeps killing me.

I just want to end this sh*t that makes me more uncomfortable of becoming ME.
Mikaail Jun 2017
They see nothing.
I feel nothing.

How are you?
I am fine.
When did that ever matter?
STLR Nov 2016
Stuck in skirmish of working this

I'm intricately plotting my escape with detail

Now see well
it's time for an alternative path
One that I believe, achieve then kick ***

This ***** whack
working hourly wages
I'm Turning time into sand,
with people who won't make it

Reality is a series of obstacles
Let's face it

My sanity is slipping like
Like **** on black latex

How can I ******* break this
I've become a statistic
a realistic typical stereotype

I fantasize on the daily
wishing I can take Ariel flight

How can I steer clear of these mundane communications
slab-faced coworkers &
there basic conversations

I'm tired of it, I'm tired of it
I'm done with it...
No more giving a ****
Now it's time to resist
These urges of being someone
Who settles & simply quits

I seek to strive for more
My motivation is too legit
My skills are beyond eons
I will conquer with fist
No more being a peon
Dance then do a flip
Celebrate like I'm Deion

For this year will test
my patience & true potential
to many years guiding this pencil
Into oblivion

Blank spaces and synonyms
Wordplay over wordplay
Metaphors for my residents  
Letters create earthquakes
Echoes create resonance

I from art in sentences
This residue is my evidence
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