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Shofi Ahmed Sep 2022
Who said that
watch the moon
but can't touch?

Truly a full moon picture
broke the mirror.
Stacking all of it
the sky fills the full jar.
Empties it though
sparing a piece
to every shining star.

Yet a full moon Kohinoor
eyes on all the stars
no one can touch!
Amanda Kay Burke Aug 2021
This jar is full of tears cried in vain and all for you
If you drowned in them you'd feel the way I do
Firm packed words and memories all you've left me with
The notion that everlasting love is just a myth
Taken handfuls of pills every morning and night
None of which bring me closer to feeling alright
And flung on wall are my remaining ***** to give
My lack of concern I'll ask you to forgive
They did not protest
I plucked them from my chest
Happy to be free from the bars in my breast
Replenishing what was surrendered
The air
That is the curse of being forced to care
The clothesline of ***** laundry hung to dry
In past would be reason to cry
Burdened with knowledge of the atrocity I am
Blessed I no longer give a ****
The less you care the happier you'll be
Locked in this glass jar
I stare at the stars
Replaying my past scars
Things that are so far
Rocking in this endless ocean
Always in motion
Sometimes I can't breathe
I can feel death creeping in
Playing its neverending violin
Where did this all begin?
Death plays its endless notes for me
Wishing to be free
As I stare at the endless sea
Death holds me by the hand
He is the only one who can understand
Bardo Dec 2020
I was thinking if ever I went to Bethlehem for Christmas
Then Bethlehem would have had two Stars
I'd be there shining mightily like I do
And all the people, they'd suddenly say from afar
Look! Look yonder...yonder lies a Star
There's another Star, another Star in Bethlehem
Look! He's in there drinking, drinking at the bar
He's just having... just having himself a jar
The Other Star...the Other Star of Bethlehem.

And then they'd all gather around me excited saying
You're the Other Star, the Other Star of Bethlehem
And I'd say "I'm the what, the Other, the Other Star of Bethlehem
Well that ain't exactly very flattering
Maybe I don't want to be 'the Other Star'".
So I'd think for a second
"Why not call me instead, call me... the Czar, the Czar of Bethlehem
Then the Star could be the Star again
And me! I could be the Czar
The Czar of Bethlehem".

Wow!! they all said in unison,
You're the Czar, you're not the Star
You're the Czar
The Czar of Bethlehem.
A bit of seasonal silliness. This came to me while Christmas shopping LoL.
berry Aug 2020
i wanted to make you a gift
something pure to make your soul lift
all i wanted it to be
was something that'd remind you of me

so i bought a jar
the glass is so clear and fragile
and every night i fill it with my tears
i put there all my love, worries and fears

when i pray to hear your voice
the dripping tears make a sad noise
after you wish me a good night, i weep
the jar gets filled every night before i go to sleep

when the jar is full, I'll send it to you
and when you see it, maybe you'll cry for me too
Maria Etre Feb 2020
I opened my pantry
and found my heart pickled
Remember, I set you there
after you got broken
years later, I gathered the courage
to show to the world

Are you ready?
afiifa Jan 2020
Put my emotions in a glass jar,
closed the lid on a real tight.
Set it aside.

Take the next big best thing,
make myself occupied.
Thinking it can make me happy.

Now I can't get through to my emotions
Without having it exploding on me,
like fireworks on the 4th of July.
Jay M Oct 2019
Fireflies in a jar
Covered in mountains of scarves
Darkened, but not out
Still it shines
Despite not being seen
Deep within the cocoon of fabrics
Soft as a kittens fur
To rough as canvas sacks
All contain the light
Hiding it
Sheltering it from the outside world.

- Jay M
October 8th, 2019
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