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r m b  Nov 2015
r m b Nov 2015
be patient with me
I will argue with you to no ends
not because I hate your guts
not because your opinions are invalid
but because I like intellectual stimulation

be patient with me
I'm not the easiest person to deal with
I will not accept all of your excuses
and I hate it when things don't get done my way
because I've been let down hundreds of times before

be patient with me
I know more than I let on
I don't like laying all my cards on the table
and I know you want me to be more open
but I am made of layers and I'm being open I swear

be patient with me
I am quite sick in the head
my mental state isn't stable all the time
I'll try my best to be there for you when you need me
but sometimes my demons come after me

be patient with me
when I'm all better and good
I'll give you what you need and your wants
I'll make you proud and grateful
I will do my best to make you happy so just please

be patient with me.
Read the title every time you start each stanza. Some personal writings I found in my good old black notebook of thoughts.
Did you just call me ****?
How blind could you be?
Don't you know that I got God inside of me?
Tell me dear....
So, full of pride and so focused on your youthful looks.
How much makeup?
How much pride?
How many people?
Will be at your side,
When you close your eyes for the last time.
Tried to be **** at times myself.
Those ideas blew up in my face.
Got a lot of regret debts
anchored down in the valleys of the wrinkles on my face.
Did you know I used to have abs?
Not anymore.
One day I heard my stomach having a private conversation,
with gravity.
Gravity said, 'Winning!'
Took my abs away.
Gave me arthritis and a fever in its place.
I **** so much.
I swear someone has a gun to my ***.
It is so ****** up,
when the pistol starts to cry and laugh.
I need a walker most of the time.
I guess the only crime I committed was staying alive.
Yeah, I am old.
So, what! I made it this far.
Take your *** on and be thankful for who you are.
You don't know how good you got it.
You can still get around,
Without leaving fun size Hersey bars behind on the ground.
'Hey, old dude, what Hersey bars are you referring to you?  The thing I see behind you are chocolate bars,
With corn toppings.
The old man starts to laugh.
The young lady says, 'Do you mean to tell me that you *******, while you were talking to me this whole time?
The young lady began to puke.
'Baby, I didn't **** on myself. My *** did all the work. I haven't been able to control my bladder for a few months now. Here is a tissue for your mouth though?'
'Did you just hand me your depends?' The young lady said.
'Yep! These Depends never judge me and makes me feel very special.'
The young lady walks away, as she continues to puke.
The old guy says, 'She is so slow. I thought that she would have given me my Depends diaper back.
'Uh oh! What am I going to doo-do in now? That girl stole my Depends!

(C) Copyrighted
A poem on aging.
s v e n Oct 2018
Please be patient with me
I may seem like a person who doesn't know anything or care
I am aware of my surroundings and I do care for things.

I may seem a bit cruel at times
I mean well.

I may yell and hit you
But I don't mean to.

I may feel sad and lonely at times
Don't worry
I'll be fine the next day.

I'm sorry if I cause you grief or any worry.
I'm sorry if I say some things, stupid things.
But please be patient with me.
And just know

I do love you,
My future lover.
I worry no one will truly love me.
Evidence O N Jun 13
With ease the flower juggled
Playing sweetly tenderly with the sun
Outside the vent of my window
Where I smelt the fragrance

Of this pretty yellow flower
Eavesdropping in my penal dream.
Could this be the fruit
Of billion trees veiled in vain

Innocent voices drizzled
And flooded patiently the weighted heart
Weighted heart of sombre days
Sombre days of beautiful injuries

All the Arabesque of the eyes
That foamed far then clad facades
Love is a beautiful thing when reciprocated
Seanathon Apr 1
Temperature elevated
Lips sticky
And back curved with the slightest of pain
How I wish that I could kiss you now
Brush your brow with gentle cold
And take every ounce of your present misery away
The patient
zelda Oct 2018
i beg for your

at times
that i am distant
for sadness is a fear
i face with vulnerable eyes.

at times
that my silence
seems anger to you
when i'm finding the light.

at times
that i won't let you
see the tears
behind every white lie.

i will come back,
i always do;
but for now,
i beg for your
alternative name:  the other part i don't want you to know
ConnectHook Sep 2015
Oh beautiful for specious lies
where Christless values reign;
for superficial battle cries
above the muted strain:
Diversity, diversity
God hides His face from thee –
and frown he should, while planethood
distracts humanity.

How sad it is when victim groups
monopolize the floor;
enabling the marginals
to agitate for more.
Diversity, diversity,
Your queer agenda rules –
with Balkanizing tendencies
imposed on witless tools.

Degenerate in decadence
the ailing eagle flies;
in spirals of irrelevance
through clouded toxic skies…
Diversity, diversity
the Left defines your terms –
the weakened body politic
grows sicker as it squirms.

Oh Lord we need a miracle
before the patient fails;
celestial intervention please
to purge us of what ails.
Diversity, diversity
We shall not overcome –
Unless the Lord reveal His word
twixt here and Kingdom Come…
♫♪ Sung to the tune of...PROGRESS !! ♪

Why? Because Islam is right about women.
Women are one of two genders!
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