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in quarantine locked is the mind
never free,
when the body enslaved

you think,
you are free to dispute
this contention

or so you think...

but when you write of your current condition,
understand you’ve lost in thinking winning
the body|mind a single singularity, so
when you smack your head against the Fifth wall,
desperate to believe, concede to conceive that
no in Hindi, same in any language, caged body
is pleased to misdirect, dress up yes, but my elder
wisdom, has read Monte Cristo, and no matter how
you count, until free in both organs,

you can’t count as far as  1,
the nomenclature of unity.
The Classic (Horror)

You dumb
Don't know how to do this?

You fool
Don't know what it is?

You *******
You don't know anything
Waste of a life

I wondered if
I'm good for at least eating.

He's your master
And THAT is his masterpiece
What have you got to show?
Go to him again.
Wait till he ratify you
My father brainwashed

Determined, I went back to the sir
I want to have my masterpiece

And soon I did have
My masterpiece
Not one.
Not two.
But many.


Since then
My master wasn't seen
By none

Any doubts?
Dedicated to master of macabre and king of humour poetry, Raj Arumugam sir
Thyag Raj Jun 2015
I saw a lady,
In streets of daisy,
With her bright beauty.
Looking like a lily,
Walking like fairy,
And gorgeous face she carry.

Glamour in her face,
Princess in style.
Had pearl like eye,
With kindness like tie.
Shown her beautified love,
Straight haters become curve.

I asked her name
To make her fame.
"No name" said she,
Maybe she is glee.
She is like tree,
Serves everyone for free.

Devil also try,
To make this flower dry.
But never she cry.
To teach, she try
Never laugh at they
As everyone is infinite sky.

— The End —