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Cloud Giante Oct 2020
All day watch shows in my room
laugh and I cry in my room
I run I  hide from the truth
don’t know why I’m removed
reality is doomed
I’m afraid to make a move
A flower in cocoon
Waiting for bloom
To you outside my room
I’m breaking through soon
I just write my thoughts most times
Colm Mar 2017
Let the morning rain fall
And pat your head
As softly as if I were there
Yume Blade Apr 2016
I laugh all time
    but with him
I giggle non-stop
Cause Life's too complicated
&  He makes me Thinkin' to something else
like *** , like couple , like other's life , like win

I crie too much
    but with him
I crie mucher than that
Cause Life's Unfair
& He makes me See different thinks
like other problem , others couple problems , like drama , like lose

For Some poeple it caled Boyfriend
For Some Other it caled Husband
For Some Otaku it caled Manga-anime
For Some Geeks it caled **Games
Too Many examples I can give you !
Miguela shine Nov 2015
Is it so
or taboo
or unbecoming
to scream aloud Senpai! notice me?
I don't
can't say it you see
for i don't want the student body to think i'm a creep
Anime she watches
she weird
oh no
So for it
my love i cant show
MultiBami-mix Jun 2015
I am an Otaku,
when I saw you,
I thought you will be my waifu,
on screen, pillow or games,
You still stole my heart with eroge,
you have different colors from **** to ******,
but I prefer ***** in your anima,
I spend my days,
yearning for a new episode,
until that day comes, I still wait for you.
Well this is one of my first poems.
Creep Nov 2014
I'm missing out on my anime
just to talk to you.
>~< this is not good...

— The End —