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Amanda Kay Burke Jul 2021
A thousand chances I gave to you
Each one you carelessly broke
I called you my soulmate
Now that word just makes me choke

Why do I always fool myself
And believe your honeyed lies?
Falling for the next facade
Before the last tear even dries

Our love is a labor of loyalty
But I carry it's heavy weight
Despite how much it wears me out
Or slows down my wobbly gait

Which requires an impressive grip
So I don't drop you from my hands
When most would have given up by now
My tired frame continues to stand

Throughout misadventures
As seasons pass us by
I hold our relationship up
Even when you hardly try

Your absence is tearing me to shreds
Strangling me with misery
And the cuts all over my insides
Bleed out though no one can see

Since you abandoned ship
Feel older than ever before
Loneliness is aging me
From my surface to my core

Seeking refuge from the storm
Safe haven I can't seem to find
Cannot escape the sight of your face
You're everywhere I turn in my mind

But you have no comfort to offer
Except in dreams and memories
So I fill my reality with questions
Stuck in consecutive reveries

The coldest summer I've experienced yet
Though the sunshine is bright overhead
I am frozen straight through the bone
Even with somebody new in my bed

The beat in my chest sounds quieter now
My pulse slow and miniscule
Death would be easier than this I am sure
But I am not a coward
Only a fool

Running circles with my eyes tightly shut
Wasting away as time passes me by
Living life on autopilot
In a stupor
More like a zombie since you said goodbye
Sometimes it feels like my life is a movie I am watching but cannot control
William de klerk Feb 2020
My shadow's seductive song
steers me into a comatose state,
as a deep slumber or senseless stupor
envelops me
It starts to gnaw away
at what I thought was real.
leaving a murky thick blur,
that swallows
like the black rushing wave
of an absolute abyss.
Twisting dark spirals cluster,
as a pulsating pressure
thuds away urgently like a ticking
clock counting down the time

Slowly as I sink,
I embrace its cold peace
that's sweetly sweeps over me.
K Balachandran Oct 2018
Eyes close in stupor,
Her keen eyes catch the caper;
Swing from love to sleep!
pleasantness made
the dawn
with his
own plait
of dreams
that focused
his love
merely with
this passerby
to contend
wherein market
square she
was in
a stupor
with her
throngs lost
social democrat
K Balachandran Jun 2018
Look! maudlin sky smiles,
Sun puts stupor behind, live;
Light wins the chess game!
Andrew Kelly Mar 2017
With my head held high,
Feeling light.
I jaunt down the avenue.

The heels of my feet unsteady,
“This sailor still has his sea legs!”
I gargle as my body stumbles,
Face bloodied on asphalt and rubble.

Even though my mug is mangled,
My bottle is intact.
And that is what truly matters.

The glass cannot break;
Shred my being to tatters!
Before I part from my everlasting bond
Of neck in hand.

One last swig!
Before I head out to sea.
I may drown…
But there’s no drink in the deep.
Atiya Ebony Apr 2015
How do I stop the ****** voices from talkin.
This emotional roller coaster is a muthafucker.
Bout ready to get off. when's the next stop?
Feeling stuck in a pit bottom
How do I make it to the top?
Who can I talk to without passing the virus
That's eating me internally
Taking away from my being
Being able to smile, being able to provide, to support & encourage
My vision of the positive constantly distorted
It's a plague & it's contagious
You'd take cover if you knew better
But ignorance is the greatest.
How would you know when I've painted on a grin
Not until I open my mouth and escapes the Gin
Off my breath into your face
Then you'll understand a lil better
My mental state
ZT Sep 2014
It is not a mirage. This;
it is vital they share the same blue
veins under their pale veil. But they breathe different
airs.             To live, is to learn how
to rejoice with paresthesia
causing liquor down your throat
and be in the stupor without feeling
Stupors feel better
and this, this all feels better in sleep.
parasthesia liquor lucid dreams sleep live melancholy stupor mirage feelings
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