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Adellebee Jul 2019
Do you ever feel so ugly in your own skin?
Where you pinch and grab at your physical reasons to hate yourself
All the taunts and cruel phrases relive in your jiggles
You fad diet yourself into comfort,
Only to be reminded of your deep scars as you catch a glimpse in the reflection
You strive for societal perfection as you let yourself slip into a cracked version of someone you were
The fear that happiness is gone for good
And this is all that's left
been fighting for years
SoSo Sep 2018
He says that I'm enough, that I'm cute, that he likes me just the way I am, but I'm sure that's not true.

I say I want to lose weight, that it's better for my health and this isn't the body I wanted for myself. He says I'm beautiful just the way I am, but I don't remember asking if I was ugly.

I'm sure he means the best, but what's wrong with not feel comfortable in your own skin? I didn't always look this way so why start now?

Chubby is cute, but not for everyone; at least not for me.
I'm not trying to body Shane anyone. I just have been feeling extremely does about gaining weight recently. My weight isn't salary of my pen standards for myself right now and would like to be in a more positive place.
The Misconstrued May 2018
I binge eat on all possible junk food,
It inexplicably elevates my mood,
Now trapped by people ceaselessly commenting on my increasing weight,
Does anyone else feel like they are putting food in a body they now absolutely hate?
I can’t stop.
Pro tip: compliment her on her haircut or new shade of lipstick instead. Compliment him on his awesome t-shirt instead. Remember, every word makes an impact, negative or positive.
amma May 2018
needle thin wrists ,
and a thigh gap as big as the Pacific Ocean .
slender neck ,
and colar bones as sharp as knives.
a flat stomach ,
and legs that look like sticks .

those are the things i dream being.
open to criticism
Mare Stare Apr 2018
Bigger things are easier to see. You might miss a humming bird or bee. You won't miss a condor or eagle. The opposite is true for people.

How can that be? If there's more of me, why am I impossible to see?

Invisibility isn't a cloak or spell. It's your fat pants stretched thin and worn as hell. It's the T-shirt you never thought you'd fit now threadbare and torn in the armpit.

There's just more of you to love, I thought the saying went. Well there I was feeling only torment. Faces fell when I said no, I'm not pregnant.

Does love bloat like this body of mine? Does it get watered down like cheap wine?

My back, my legs, everything hurt. My body just didn't work. If not by plane, by train, or car, I wasn't getting very far.

I longed for someone to scoop me up, to cradle me and gently rock.

I didn't fit in anyone's arms and briefly flirted with self harm.

Twice at work I took to crying. It went unnoticed without my trying.

The wrong solution looked too friendly and as of late, far too trendy.

Left alone I pondered fate. If I died, I'd be dead weight.

I felt stuck forever like dried cement. Sinking too low even to lament.

I watched my waist size raise and fall with the tides. If the full moon swells with admiration, why was round me full of desperation?
Rick Feb 2018
There is a cat in my home, and slowly it has grown fatter from feasting on food that I own.
I go to work every day, so theres no possible way that this cat could look for pray.
Yet still, somehow, when I return, he's stuffed.
Belly filled with pizza crust he looks as if he'll bust.
Somehow he finds a way outside, where he roams to neighbors homes to fill up on old turkey bones.
Second breakfast and for lunch this hungry cat would munch, till diner came, then the game would change and just like that this cat would be back.

In the morning when I leave, this cat would beg that I come home with fishes. The begging grew bad, so I'de do exactly as she wishes. Heres the trouble: I feed her once, shes still hungry, so i feed her double. Hours of  her mighty meow. Her, just sitting there constantly, bellowing just like a cow, until I provide her with her chow. Now, I tried feeding her less and getting her to run but Im just competing with my stress when that cats not having fun. She would sit and moan, Oh the noises she'd groan as Ide remove her from the cushion she had claimed as her thrown.

After this cat had Disowned me, I had learned just like that, that infact it was actualy the cat who had owned me. See cats are a beast of nature, there a creature that can not be tampered. So when theyve been pampered and foods been delivered, you can bet a strong bet that this cat will expect to be treated with the  best packaged liver from a duck that Wal-Mart can deliver.
Shanath Apr 2017
She could see her arm through the sleeves of her dress
They rested so far from one of the sides
And yet the mirror said she needed to be more light.
Most of the days
She was afraid she would be too much
For a guy to own
Her heart had long been strangled
By her load
And so she no longer ate.
But, here she was months later
Owning half of what she had
And yet carrying too much ,
Her heart was a bit afloat
But still dragged was her soul
For the mirror said
She needed to be more hollow.

Her ribs poked her chest,
She felt them with her fingers
When she was in her room alone,
No one could see them,
She wouldn't let anyone so close
But she wondered if they could feel those bones
Maybe they would have considered her light.
Undressed after a bath
She would turn around at the mirror
Gazing at her backbone- gazing back .
It was all so clear now
You could almost count the bones
Yet the mirror said she must be a bit more hollow.
Her hands were now so much more thin
You could hold them in the stretch of your thumb
And maybe your little finger
And even though you would laugh at her length
She would be scared by your touch
So that you do not know.

Of all the things she lost,
Her sullen cheeks to her coat,
Her smile was the thing she misses most.
Now her smile was too empty,
Previously it was fastened to her face
Now the hollow mouth almost appears
As if her smile would just fall of,
She is now shy to smile
She often wonders back to the day
When that guy had said
She had a beautiful smile.
But you wouldn't know
Photographs never really captured her
Now not anymore.

She often stumbles now,
Lighter to her feet
She does get up herself,
But she wonders now and then
If it had been because most of her
Was now gone.
So vacantly, emptily she walks
A few watch her go,
The world is the mirror
With no memory of the past,
It still calls her heavy
With no appreciation of what she has become.
She has lost herself
And the world needs her
To lose herself more.
She wonders if it's time
To have their demands finally denied.
How much more could she afford to lose ?
How long until she dies?
Its stupid I feel to talk of something so trivial as weight or appearance when we have greater things to speak of but there is no denying that are thousands of us who have always hated the way we look and the world has not always been kind. And yet we are who we are.
Phim Oct 2016
I am not overweight
Yet I don't love being a size eight
The media criticizing me
Hypnotizing me
Making me feel unimportant
I know you sympathize with me
But I am worth it
Part of Gods eternal purpose
My thick thighs
Are beauty in His eyes
And I don't have to worry about being unworthy
When I'm giving God the glory
he deserves
My self image is perseved
By Genesis 1:27
Or Ecclesiastes 3:11
He is constantly reminding me
That world is full of lies
Hiding behind the guise
That I need to change
Or rearrange myself
to be loved
This is untrue
The God of heaven and earth
Created and loves me
And everyone of you
Sometimes I don't feel great about my body but it's actually wonderfully made. I know I have to remind myself that and I hope this serves as a reminder to you too.
fleuroses Sep 2016
Beauty is not subjective.
It can be measured in
Pounds, inches, sizes, and angles.
Please don't tell me that beauty is
In the eye of the beholder because
I have been on both sides of the battle.
Skinny girl, starving girl, dizzy girl,
Cute girl, wanted girl, size 6 babe.
Fat girl, feeds herself, insecure,
Never good enough, size 12 *****.
There is no way to win this battle
Unless you conform
To their standards.
I need to find what I have lost
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