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mel Aug 2020
Fallen from the heavens like Lucifer,
and sunken to the path where the heavens meet hell..

Two unlikely lovers meet.
We were meant to collide
mel Jun 2020
Although I trudge only in my youth,
And as time bounds to its seasons of Black,
Father regards to me as if still swaddled in blanket,
Pacifier in hand,
Though I have grown with the willows that tower Mother’s mind.

Whilst, I may falter,
And not display equivalent par
Countered to the scholars neighboring,
Flame, nonetheless, expands in the depths of my soul.

For, albeit, I may seem young,
And many, even those who have failed to exchange a word,
See myself as a willing delinquent,
I still stand with the willows
Seeking everlasting satisfaction.
I found an old poem that I never got around to posting
mel Jun 2020
Complex thoughts,
Turn into neglect.

I call this Brain Rot.

Brain Rot is the effect that society has on you,
forcing you to fit into a world full of fault.
Forcing your complexities to be unknown,
And taking form into our own identities,
Leaving us with no recognition.

Do we truly even exist in this twisted world?
Notes from my icloud
mel Jun 2020
I strip myself of these tattered clothes,
And seek refuge in you.

Breathing out this aged agony,
For in your breath I am anew.

I refuse to rot with the moon,
For, I've met the sun.

He introduced me to my imperfections,
and the beauty held within them.

So, instead of rotting,
I flourish.

It will never be over soon,
For, I am eternal when I'm with you.
Raw Growth
mel Oct 2018
I am hopelessly in love,
With a soundless song,
Collapsing into itself,
One beat,
After the next.

A sound reserved,
For the damaged homes.

A vibration,
Made from the distant troubled.

A static,
That only the heartsick lovers,
Can apprehend.
mel Sep 2018
weary children,
drawing breaths of doubt,
by second.

neglected by blood,
rejected by society.

collaborate in hopes,
of self peace.
mel Aug 2018
i still yearn for you,

even though i burn,

every time we touch.

but that’s ok,

you like pork and steak anyways.
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