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Mystic Ink Plus Feb 2018
Stitch in a Clock
Nostalgic memory
Hopeful sky,
Dance with a glare of light
A perception of beauty
Spiritual sense of blissful growth
Lost over a cosmic delight

Silence, cease to be a source of noise
With sacred body, Organic birth
Like a mortal life of a dew drop
Realities of our existence
Joy of understanding
Biography of energy flow
Time in harmony.
Shared from my Anthology, Canvas: Echoes and Reflections, 2018.
cher Jul 2017
stretch marks specking
skin, lines etched into thighs
and chest.

bijou ruby acne wounds;
concealed behind bangs,
not makeup.

crescent fingernail indents
in palms, holding a fist
too tight.

bumps on the backs
of legs, almost as if crinkled
paper *****.

blood red threading and
seams on waists, after
shrinking jeans.

sangria and eggplant sunsets
ache to touch; swell slightly
before recovery.

these are my organic tattoos.
i thought i'd write a body positivity thing for fun, help everyone understand that these are natural blemishes and that we should embrace them. it's different to my usual writing style-- had a chat with some friends yesterday and i'm still working things out, so i think inconsistency is still ~alright~. this is what came out of that discussion, and i'm happy with it.
madison baker Apr 2017
I am a forest
I am lively and wholesome
Organic and pure
I am a home for the abandoned
I provide for those who need
I am a giver
Who is never thanked
My floor is always walked on
My branches always cut
My resources taken advantage of
I am a necessity for the ungrateful
A savior for those who don't care
You are fire
Burning down everything in your wake
Charring my wood and
Turning me to ash
You are a destroyer of all things good
You singe and you melt
You arise from a spark
Come in uninvited
Sensing weakness
You travel fast
You leave too quick
But with every forest fire
Life begins anew
A clear slate
From which we can start all over again
Aaron LaLux Sep 2016

Chic lookin' like death,
with her dyed platinum blond hair,
her fake silicone **** and all that make up,
over dressed like Halloween **** girl I'm scared,

the less you wear,
the less impressed I am,
you get dressed up just to get messed up,
smoke a cigarette then get your teeth whitened,

you get done up glam,
just to get run up in,

in the world was it ever okay,
disrespect yourself that way?

Getting fckt by strangers,
without getting money or commitments,
that means you're like a *******,
a ******* that's not even good at business,

you're a despicable disgrace,
to the entire female race,
you wear all that cover-up,
because you've got Krocodil face,
that's Krocodil with a 'K',
better get it straight,
the kind from Russia,
that will eat your face,

eat your whole face off,
face it,
the facts are basic,
real women look way better without any fake make-up.

The only reason you need it,
is because you don't see this,

plus you fill your stomach,
with fast food *****,
you're going down in flames,
what was your name Halley Comet?

Saving money on food,
so you can buy cosmetics,
maybe if you changed your diet,
you wouldn't need cosmetics,

there's nothing romantic,
about cosmetics,
cosmetics cause cancer,
don't you get it?

More vegetables,
less processed cheese,
and your face won't look,
like it's got a disease,


remember these words,

real women look better without any make-up,

without all those name brands we're all naked,

believe whatever  you want to,
but these words will still be true...

So stop dying,
your hair to death,
and trying,
to get the guys to stare at your breast,

you are,
so much more beautiful naturally,
and if you,
go natural well actually,
you might find,
a man who loves your mind,
a man that truly loves you,
for who you are inside.

and I promise this,
in all honestness,

no man will ever fall in love,
with a woman because of the size of her breast,
or the color of her hair,
or the brand of her dress,
no real man will ever really care,
whether your outfit is Versace or Guess,

because good men care about the real you,
not fake fashion brand names,
you are not a cow nor are you cattle,
so why would you want a label branding?

And I promise this,
in all honestness,
that this is,
honest honestness.

Real men fall in love with real women,
because of who they really are,
not who they pretend to be,
real men fall in love with real women,
because they love her soul's avatar,
and her divine femininity…

So let your hair grow,
back out to it's natural color,
if you honestly want,
to find a natural lover,

and save your self,
for those special lovers,
that are truly deserving,
of all of your natural wonders,

leave the fake hair,
for the fakers,
leave the toners,
for the loners,
leave the make up and fake dyes,
for the hookers and transvestites,

are beautiful,
the manicured cuticles,

you are beautiful,
just the way you naturally are,
there's no need to alter yourself,
with some silicone and scars.

Just be beautiful Beautiful,
there is no need to pretend,
and leave the makeup and fake body parts,
for the trannies and mannequins... ∆
From a man to a woman...
I do not see space travel
as an evolutionary event
I look at it as an excess
of dissociative disorder
colonialism and the making
of whiteness
justifying the guilt
by searching
and searching
somewhere else
not somewhere better
just somewhere else
there is nothing better
than how we evolved
are place within experience
all that surrounds
us is intimately woven with
our sheer experience
that has evolved
without the possibility
of memory
or redundancy
or even a pattern or repetition
to desire somewhere else
is to leave the best
most evolved experience
of being human
organic intelligence
artificial intelligence
has patterns that are not evolution
or the experience there of
they are patterns that are also
of this desire to be some where else
where ever it may be a space
or an entity
an other
product of whiteness
the profit of colonization
dissociative disorder
from the experience of being human
if you teach people that evolution
is something related to a process
that is merely the documentation
of the desire to be somewhere or something else
slavery is a combination of somewhere else and something else
it is like aliens
inherently under control
of a powerful military
actually the alien extracted from
their home
all mighty whiteness
is the most powerful
dissociative power
evolution did indeed give us the possibility to dissociate
but is was designed for empathy
not as a tool to be somewhere
or something else
the experience of
the dissociative human
declaring whiteness
has other opportunity
but to experience slavery
since it is a dissociation
it is delusional
and although the human
dissociating may not be within
the structure of slavery they conceive
they are without
the original
I notice them
organic intelligence resumes;=elan%20gregory&qid;=1459178234&ref;_=sr_1_1&sr;=8-1
Hayley May 2016
There's an apocalypse coming
And we get to choose which kind
Just listen to the meanings and open your mind
One means revealing
One means demise
Are we gonna keep stealing
Or are we going to open our eyes
We're killing the earth inside and out
Instead of trusting our hearts, we are living in doubt
We can love each other and change the path of the planet
We need to grow our own food, raw and organic
We can't just manufacture everything, process, and can it
Stop the GMOs, pesticides, and factory farming
What it's doing to the planet is absolutely alarming
They create lakes of blood and an earth of toxins
If you read the clock then
You'll see that it's time to change, this isn't how it's supposed to be
We should be living together in a sustainable community
One that helps, nurtures, and loves
One that plants trees and gardens and shrubs
It's time to bring about our utopia of the future
We need to get rid of the lies, the hate, and the torture
Wars, jealousy, and competition have to end
It's time for us to forgive, it's time to transcend
To our new world, our kingdom of heaven
Just read your clock its 11:11
BB Tyler Mar 2016
Our love is natural,

Our love is raw,
our love is wholesome.

Our love is local,
from scratch, unmodified.

Our love is kosher.

Our love is a nutritious part of everyday's
balanced breakfast, lunch and dinner!

Our love is just desserts.

Our love is cage free,
free range,
fair trade,
home grown,
the 100% real deal!

Our love is not for sale.
Coleseph Nelzsun Jan 2016
The soil brings forth precious gifts, not tainted by mankind
But we choose to poison them, to me that is a crime

Anything is justified when profit is involved
But food should not be business because food is life for all

Faster, cheaper, longer lasting; all these things sound great
But the truth is most of what we eat is far from food and fake
People hear "organic" and they role their eyes. They have become so brainwashed that they see food that is genetically altered, soaked in poison, and filled with preservatives, as the new normal.
The health of your body has a direct effect on the way your mind operates. Science has proven this. The mind and the body are essentially one. Your mind dictates your thoughts, your thoughts dictate your actions, and your actions DEFINE YOU.
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