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Olivia Henkel Apr 2020
I’m often surprised by my eagerness
to fall In love & to compromise
My contentment/peace
for a heartfelt release

Engulfed by lukewarm passion &
a cascade of fleeting moments
day dreams, consumed by lust

Compositions reinforced,
Offer my form to
mechanisms of my past.
they lead me on a retreat inwards.
Olivia Henkel Apr 2020
The ordinary is now far,
far beyond my fingertips.
I'm afraid
"let those fears melt away"
Grasses flourish
mine a bit further
extending out through the chest
and entwining with another
squeezing desperately
visioning gold encrusting our tie.
though, we are not sealed
with an impenetrable bond
threads are frail
and for this to work
it takes two grips to hold on
Olivia Henkel Jan 2020
Porous holes in stone
pull me in, Ill call you home
tucked into mountains

Rooted in the grass
Electric communication
back & forth swayed waves

Olivia Henkel Jan 2020
I desire growth
yet stick myself into mud
just to feel grounded
Olivia Henkel Jan 2020
Whimsy butterfly
worried not of direction
falls into the wind  

Dragonfly wavers
the sun gleams upon its wings
innocent hunter

Florida sunny days
I gaze as she plays mermaid
In sand & soft waves

Two still pelicans
floating on the horizon
shades of blue & green

Our flip flops at hand
lady moon in the bright of
day, waves as our band

Urges to reconstruct
water flows past prediction
integrate yourself

old friends, playing cards
temporary clarity
good things come in pairs
Olivia Henkel Sep 2019
dissolved into a spellbound state

to realms that were once beyond reach

And Like
unanticipated spaceflight

light upsurge, pumps inwards then out

in its race within the bloodstream

through you, through me, Straight from heaven
Olivia Henkel Aug 2019
Spirits presence was ubiquitous                                                                            
                                                                               Circulating / ay-r
I am a walking coincidence                                              
                                                                        In a cuircuit / ah
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