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dissolved into a spellbound state

to realms that were once beyond reach

And Like
unanticipated spaceflight

light upsurge, pumps inwards then out

in its race within the bloodstream

through you, through me, Straight from heaven
Olivia Henkel Aug 14
Spirits presence was ubiquitous                                                                            
                                                                               Circulating / ay-r
I am a walking coincidence                                              
                                                                        In a cuircuit / ah
Olivia Henkel Aug 14
Intentional moves
I'm anywhere yet nowhere
Exudes in the dark
Olivia Henkel Aug 14
Gods omnipresence                                                     ­                       
tiptoes east to west                                                             ­                         
strategically                                                    ­                                                
 over thirty three                                                                              ­        
 aisles of light planes                                                           ­               .
Olivia Henkel Jul 16
Un-imagining threat loops
Positive outlook
Olivia Henkel Jul 15
Discolored outlook
Am i still stuck in the loop?
Retracing footsteps  

An intrusive thought.
Resist casting judgment on
an obscured shadow
Secure in warm sand

Urchin on a sea-washed shore

Covered & exposed
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