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Kiara Plummer Jan 11
Was he my father, friend or brother?
To me, he was all; I looked at him-
Tall and thin, my protector.
Was he not my counsellor?
I'd ask things and he'd tell me all;
Everything I needed to hear.

Was he not my confidant?
Oh yes! I told him things-
Quite indoors too and advice I got.
This man had wise words,
He was like superman;
One indeed but without a cape.

Was he not my knight?
Yes indeed! He shielded my
negative words and clothed them,
with positive. Was he not good?
He was generous and caring. I
wondered why he chose me to care
for. Perhaps our spirits were meant
to be crossed; he was an angel. That
God sent to guide me, away from all

I find his traits to be entertaining and
honest, not too upfront to blind your
feelings. Was he not always going to
be my friend, father and brother?
In my heart I think so.
My english teacher was who inspired me to write this poem. I wrote this poem about him as he made me see things about myself that I thought was impossible to see.
Merry Christmas dear all
May everyone receive the gifts of happiness and love, from the ever flowing red velvet sack of Santa

May Santa fulfil every child’s wish
Twinkling eyes, smile on the lips
Heartwarming the gifts

May everyone have their personal Santa, and
May the Santa have one too, to fulfil every wish
Merry Christmas dear all, have been away from hp lately, sorry for not replying to all the love and comments to my recent poems here. Will surely reply soon.
A quick write for Christmas, wishing happiness and love to all !!
Alone, I am happy


            Will never be
Pauper of Prose Dec 2018
In the cold seconds of the dark night
When a message from another is frozen
Does not solitude answer?
Speeding back to reply
With a smooth and resounding silence
And most would place this
Next to the bins that they empty
But I see it
As unblemished beauty
One midnight rose
Whose pedals blend in
So that only sterling starlight
Can define its edges
Gia Nov 2018
I’ve always heard time is supposed to heal the pain,
But the pain I feel is keeping me from feeling sane.
It is now our second birthday without you here to blow the candles out.
I would’ve never thought we’d end up on this route.
I reminisce on the photos we share,
And constantly think to myself “this isn’t fair”.
Living in a world without you is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do,
But I must feel lucky for the 16 years I got to be with you.
I wish everyday you could’ve met the people in my life now,
And I still ask myself if there’s a way somehow.
Twenty-nine years ago you were born,
But today all I can hold onto are things you’ve worn.
I keep going to text you “Happy Birthday”,
But knowing you’re not on the otherside to receive it leaves me in dismay.
The candles remain tucked away in the box,
In replace we light the room with sunflowers blooming from their stalks.
You brought love and laughter to everyone you met,
And we’ll always share those stories as our strength outlet.
I continue to live a life you’d be proud of
As I know you’re always watching me from above.
As you rest in heaven,
Today we celebrate- forever 27.
Gia Nov 2018
My sunflower he was.
Strong like a stalk.
Bright like the petals.
Radiating the vibrant energy he always held.
I would love to see you blossom just once more,
but instead I sit wishing for you to walk through that door.
I hate to see another year pass without you by my side,
But I know you are with me- you are my guide.

His sunflower I will be.
My sweet brother, please hold me tight, and remind me I can get through today
I will be strong & resilient because you wouldn’t accept it any other way.
I will lead a bright future for you to be proud of,
Because everything I resemble is your unwavering love.
I will radiate your energy- through each story & each photo I share
Because I will never forget, our bond was so rare.

My sunflower he was, his sunflower I will be.
After losing my brother in 2016, sunflowers became my memory of him. Yellow was his favorite color & sunflowers were his favorite. Please enjoy this poem as a reflection of the beautiful life my brother lived.
Johnny walker Nov 2018
Of days gone by
all passed In the
blink of an eye
one brief flash
and all passed by
in a blink of eye
and all  that was
said and done all
the places seen
and been all
passed by in a blink
of an eye loves and
loved one's all passed
In a blink of an eye
funerals days all
passed by In a blink
of one's
Don't blink or live may pass you by
austin Oct 2018
A Friday night.
A slippery street.
A man, intoxicated.
Sitting in the driver's seat.

A family.
A man and his wife.
A young child.
Worthy of life.

A young adolescent.
A night with a loved one.
Never thought for a moment
It might be the last one.

A poor decision.
A light turned red.
A delayed reaction.
Head-on collision.

A first responder.
A face, bleach white.
A shirt stained red
They've lost their fight.

A stretcher in an ambulance.
A paramedic on the call.
A dreaded flat line.
They've tried and lost them all.

A police officer
On the phone, against the wall.
"Hello, this is the police.
I'm really sorry I have to make this call."

A funeral for a family
Every casket closed.
Everyone is asking why.
They never got to say goodbye.

A female kneeling at the grave
looking down with bloodshot eyes
"I love you and I want you back,
I hope you hear me from the sky"

That poor decision was a choice
You said it wasn't worth catching a ride
And you can't ever take it back now
These are families torn apart and dead inside
Rose Who Knows Sep 2018
To you who has always believed in me
You have always loved me
Ever since the first time you held me

You were always sassy and sweet
You had these old wrinkly hands
That had touched so many lives

You had beautiful blue eyes
That would watch me with care
Even with your tall boney frame
hugging me so tight I didn't even care

You loved crafts
You loved teaching students
You loved me

I know it's not just about me
There were those who were closer
But I just wish you would say one more time
"I'm not bionic!"
Oh how that was your catchphrase
In remembrance of my great aunt Rosie
Josh Sep 2018
Only the wild ones,
Give you something,
To remember,

Only the wild ones,
Are the ones you,
Can’t get back,

Only the wild ones,
Are the ones you,
Can never catch,

The only ones to,
Make you, feel,
The only ones to,
Make you, do,
The only ones to,
Make you, you,

Only the wild ones,
Take you somewhere,

The ones to show you,
A different path,
Always make you smile,
Make you laugh,

Always the wild ones,
The ones who aren’t,
The ones who don’t,
The ones who always,

Only the wild ones,
Are the right ones.
Tell me what you think
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