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Thanakarshnni Jun 2020
She neither got white love,
nor got black hate;
there, she decided to be pure
in those few eyes
in which she looked pure
and got all the white love from!

Thanakarshnni Jun 2020
[People deserve to meet right people]
Find for yourself
someone right,
who can handle
your senses right
even when you’re unkind
to your own-self!

People deserve to meet right person.
Thanakarshnni Jun 2020
An illusionary world
that gives rise to the unreal
with the constant soul
that chooses to take
the everlasting feelings along the way.
A wandering world
where there is no loss of effort
it’s fair to face terrible pain while trying
but when you fail,
be sure to let go all that is broken
with the evenness of mind
as death is certain for the born
feelings which are born will die too.

Do not fear
Thanakarshnni Jun 2020
She is some super duper being
who can see all the invisible faults
that could possibly pierce her kid;
The solitary soul, who has the aptness to
cover up all the darkest shades
and expose all the the brightest shades
for her kid’s sake;
How like a mermaid gets to the land
just to meet her love,
Mom wakes up every single day
To give love and protection to her kid
And to get love from her kid
So let’s prioritise mom who priorities only you!

All a mom needs is love, so let’s give love!
Thanakarshnni Jun 2020
You come to a extremity
where you’re in a foggy state
of what’s next in life.
A spot, where you yourself ain’t certain over
what to begin with and how to begin with
when no one actually knows
how dense you are trying from within.
yet stay alert that you don’t get carried away  
when the people who has no role in your result
pushes you.
Even so, do not fear to pull out time
and hold on to your heart with all patience
until the alarm rings aloud
to start over with all your heartily spirit and passion.

Thanakarshnni Jun 2020
[to my parents, friends and to everyone who’s busy worrying for/about others]
What do you think is essential in life? Loving  others truly? No!
It is protecting and doting yourself than others,
Others come right after your own self.
Today, it’s a melancholic trend that
you can’t advance a step closer
within yourself and adore yourself a little more  
and can’t allow thyself
the half of what you give others.
For once, stay still and deliberate for yourself;
Be soft with yourself for you to inhale in peace
as your soul accepts you
finer than all who you like.
You will get a cheering smile in return
when you smile at the inner you.
For once, ensure that you don’t let
your heart or head ache out of hurt!
When someone whispers,
what would I do without you? Just care!
Yet, don’t give yourself a dark sorrow
and colours that makes heart heavy.
Grow your inner peace! Grow yourself!
Shine out in peace..

Thanakarshnni Jun 2020
How winsome is it
when the soul you love
flourishes the same sensation towards you
forging all the one-sided love envious.
Dia swaroop and Rohit, two souls
loving each other, without each other knowing;
The fate went ease through them
bringing them together again to open up
However, the same fate
takes away one’s consicousness  
After all, its fated that they aint meant to be.
Again how lucky and determinant is it,
when your destined boy [adi] enters your life
with some strange entry
and draws you out of the broken past  
That’s when he befits a best friend
And eventually becomes your second love;
Even so how downhearted is it
To see your dead past come back alive,
Making you develop guilt towards the one
who taught about life to you
For once she listens to her heart
And runs to adi
But how pitiful is it
To see someone you love die infront of you
Hence, the work have left a lesson for us
that life is full of persistent problems and pain;
still the bet is given to us
If to move on with the miracles and surprises
or to stay still with the problems and pain..

Learning is always everlasting!
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