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Starting a day with a cup of coffe
Drinking poison to catch the energy
Sinking deeper through emotions 'till I can't breathe
Holding on to traumatic things that stay in me
Pouring it into rhymes and beautiful poetry
Kyra Embers Apr 2019
Like bright sunrises, scarlet roses and every star within our reach.
The world bustles with opportunities with each sip from my cup of coffee
coffee addict..
JJ Inda Dec 2018
I know nothing of my neighbor’s freedom.
his limits; if any are placed upon him.
seems to come and go as he pleases,
seems content, at ease.
Still, I don’t know when he acts or why.
When does he take action indeed?
Is his mind free of oppression?

I wonder...
But, it is not my concern.
I have my own thoughts
and my own actions
to consider.
A cup of coffee
or death?
tips on
tables let
mornings hence
bleak and
sunny with
her disposition
there to
lift spirits
on Great
Plains as
her gander
is pleasant
when there's
nigh to
fulfill any
dereliction with
her pride
he once brazed her with coke
that her millennium was solid rock
as Griselda went toe to toe
but trafficked crack by 2012
while coffee was her mainstay  
that her valley would meet the sea,
her proponent in Antioquia
when she'd expedite crack for FARC
Folklore from Columbia
Mark Parker Nov 2016
Swinging it back
Gulping it black
Sugar is too sweet
To symbolize
Just a thought. Things are never perfect, but we lie if we say they aren't bareable. Our emotional maturity is what defines us.
Sandra Macacua May 2016
I was looking straight to the door when you suddenly entered and then stared at me.
I noticed how surprised you were, I can see it in your eyes.
You smiled at me, I noticed how your lips moved.
For a minute or two, my heart beats so fast but the people around us were moving so slow.
I was about to smile back but by the aroma of the coffee inside the shop, I suddenly woke up and then you disappeared.
Maybe one day, we will meet at the coffee shop again somewhere and the timing will be right.
Dencio Mar 2016
My coffee was getting cold as I waited for you to miss me while my cigarettes were running one after another trying to forget you
Oktoberbarn Jan 2015
I am with facebook 24/7, my grandma a day or two a month.
I get likes on facebook, while she gives me love.
I get to know what my friends are doing all the time, while my grandma tells me about het 80 years on this planet.
Facebook lets me travel through the world, from Ghana to Paris. My grandmother takes me to her kitchen for a nice cup of coffee.

*I wish I could spend time with her everyday instead of facebook
Gavin Betty Jul 2014
Your eyes a shade of greenish brown,
Beauty in my view,
Bags beneath your sleepy eyes,
The worlds not been kind to you.

Your skin so fare and porcelain smooth,
Fragile but standing strong,
You force yourself into my thoughts,
Haunting my all life long.

You sit and you smoke your cancer,
Ashes to the line,
You float away with one last smile,
I swear you were my sign.

— The End —