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Piyah Jun 2020
Oh, shes so dark,
Oh shes got acne,
Oh shes so ugly,
Oh shes so fat,
They all cooed into her ears as they pushed her off the roof,
Then they gathered around the coffin asking
But she had everything, why this?
Broken Pieces Apr 2020
Depression is a battle inside my  M I N D
I've been searching for years just trying to find,
A way for me to break  F R E E from it all
Cause right now I'm just scared I'll  F A L L.

I want to tell you I'm  F I N E,
But I'm beyond that line.
My friend stabbed me with a  K N I F E,
I'm not gonna L I E, I'm tired of this  L I F E.

My reflection in the mirror is a  L I E,
Because I promise you I've already begun to  D I E.
I'll tell you a little secret I hide,
On nights when the moon was high I  C R I E D.
Zack Ripley Mar 2019
It's okay to find shapes in the clouds or stand out in the crowd.
It's okay to ask why or if you feel you need to cry.
It's okay to say no.
It's okay if you don't know.
It's okay if your dreams change as you grow.
It's okay if you're wrong.
It's okay if you're right.
It's okay to ask for help
or if you're afraid of the night.
It's okay to sing.
It's okay to love who you love.
It's okay to believe heaven and your god above.
It's okay if you're lonely.
It's okay to admit you're not okay.
But remember. No matter what they say, it's okay
Broken Pieces Mar 2020
Its funny just when you thought someone cared,
They sure prove you wrong.
They left and you just stared,
I don't want to have to be strong.

Is there anyway I could be changed?
I want to be someone better,
Can't my molecules just be rearranged?
I don't want people to just forget her.

When I finally show you I'm not okay,
You just look at me and laugh.
You get up and decide to walk away.
It feels as if I lost my other half.

I wish I could beg you to stay,
But I know that would just be rude.
So I try to go out and seize the day,
even though I'm not in the mood.
ari Mar 2020
dearest reader,
it is okay
not to be okay
sometimes we need reminders, you are allowed to cry, and scream, and get angry. it is ok to not be ok.
Eyithen Jun 2019
They're always in my face,
Asking if I'm okay.
I may not be be okay
But I'll act like it is anyway.
Nicole Jun 2019
She grew weak
She grew scared
Afraid of what might happen
Will her mom wake up
Live to see another day
What will she leave behind
A lost husband
A broken daughter
Both full of grief
Not knowing how quite to live life
Without the one you love
Please God dont take her
I'm not ready how will it feel to loose a mom
One you longed for
Her nurture, affection, caring, and loving
Something I've longed for
Please God dont take her
I'm not ready
But facing the fact of reality
Cancer is no joke
Stealing the one you love
As I watch her grow weaker everyday
I know it's coming
Confused and hurt
Not knowing how to help
To just make it go away
But I promise to not let you down
I will be strong
I will get through this
For loosing someone you love
Is a fact of life
I will be ok
I am okay
Rylie Lucas May 2019
Confined to the walls of my room
Bandana around my neck
I try to remember the good things in life
I want to stay out of my own head
Nothing in life is free
Not even the air we breathe
It's tainted with diseases
But we breathe anyway
We endure the screams of alcoholic fathers
We cry ourselves to sleep at night
We convince ourselves that we're alright
And never seek help from others

We are the broken ones
We endure our pain and suffering
We remember the things worth remembering

We are the depressed ones
We see knives as toys
We don't know the difference between light and dark

We are hurt, and some of us can't be saved
So my Dad was screaming at me again this morning, and he took away all of my means of communication. Luckily, he forgot my computer, so I can still write (and talk to my Mom, who will save me ASAP).
Alle Mar 2019
that i cry when i don’t want to
and can’t when i do
that people think i’m fine
when that’s so far from the truth
that i smile and laugh
at school during the day
but alone at night
want to cut my troubles away
that i have friends who care
when i either can’t or won’t
that they love me unconditionally
even when i don’t
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