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Rylie Lucas May 2019
Confined to the walls of my room
Bandana around my neck
I try to remember the good things in life
I want to stay out of my own head
Nothing in life is free
Not even the air we breathe
It's tainted with diseases
But we breathe anyway
We endure the screams of alcoholic fathers
We cry ourselves to sleep at night
We convince ourselves that we're alright
And never seek help from others

We are the broken ones
We endure our pain and suffering
We remember the things worth remembering

We are the depressed ones
We see knives as toys
We don't know the difference between light and dark

We are hurt, and some of us can't be saved
So my Dad was screaming at me again this morning, and he took away all of my means of communication. Luckily, he forgot my computer, so I can still write (and talk to my Mom, who will save me ASAP).
Alle Mar 2019
that i cry when i don’t want to
and can’t when i do
that people think i’m fine
when that’s so far from the truth
that i smile and laugh
at school during the day
but alone at night
want to cut my troubles away
that i have friends who care
when i either can’t or won’t
that they love me unconditionally
even when i don’t
Pure of Stars Feb 2019
it’s that voice in my head that gets me every time
right when i think everything is okay
it reminds me otherwise
it tells me all the things i try to hide away
it pushes its fingers down my throat
and grabs the razor on my sink
and right before i fall asleep
it lets me know all of the terrible things i am
It’s something else inside of me. it isn’t always what people say. or what i feel. it’s like a part of me doesn’t want me to get better. this dark demon. this voice that whispers nasty things to me.
Send me a love so grand
I can't seem to believe love is within me
No palms to hold
No grip to be seen
Not another friend
Someone pull me upright
Hold me strong
Narrate love songs of how all is gonna be good
Know my intentions
How I mean well
Instead let's fight about stupid games
Not who I am + what I do
Cause I feel like a fool
I can't get why friends just never stay
Forever reciting the blues
Cause God I feel so misunderstood
So I'm asking you
Hopping I will receive
A novel of raw + contemporary love.
Pure of Stars Feb 2019
i say i’m fine
but you should see me
late at night
all alone
i am
eve Feb 2019
i want to run away from here,
i’m unwanted and viewed as eternal emptiness.
i knew it in my heart that I should’ve never cared,
Because the reason for our fall always ends here.
For thinking you were the one,
For once,
I am wrong.
Overthinking too much,
I assume where we went lost.
Took too long to reply,
My heart is shriveled up and dead, and I can no longer move along.
Just a look in your eyes,
Brings memories to my mind,
I love you so much.
I wish that I could remove the flaws hidden behind us,
A trail of unrequited love.
From afar, I see that your footprints cross my heart,
Too much to bear, I sit and stare at the clock.
Too numb to feel something that felt so real,
Maybe you weren’t the one to heal,
You were just a temporary deal,
Just like everyone else.
I could’ve been yours,
Our perspectives are too **** drawn,
Can’t you see?
We’re falling apart,
pretending to be something we’re not.
We’re nothing at all, I understand...
I wish that we could’ve lasted forever,
Instead, you abused the pact and treated me as whenever,
Oh, I just wanted you all to myself.
Reassurance and security,
Both things that met when I was with you.
Call me a selfish girl,
A cruel fool,
But my emotions will inevitably choose you.
I will miss you my dear,
But, you were the cause of our downfall.
Running away from my problems again,
goodbye my friend.
Mikayla Feb 2019
Out of all the things that I could say,
Could think of,
I stayed silent.
I let the pause between our words get bigger
While the gap in our partnership grew larger.

Silence was once my best friend.
It’s my worst enemy
You told me to change.
I tried.
For you.
I succeeded.
But I still failed;
It’s always a failing battle...

You tell me to change, but you...
you are perfect.
I am the one damaged.
I am the one hurt.
But I should forget and say okay...
But it’s not okay.

Falling back down a black hole,
I dug my way of is not...
just okay...
Alexander T Jan 2019
everyday you see this smile
thinking its real
thinking everything is okay

if you only saw the inside
you would understand
I did it again.
Now i have to clean the floor again.
I don't want my friends to see
The blood everywhere,
Me crying,
Torn apart letters from the times love still existed here.
Well, did it ever?
Maybe i should feel bad,
Lying to my friends.
A "Spill the tea sis" here
And a "Yeet hahaha" there
Some vines,
Some memes
Some weird TikTok's,
Or a crazy text.
And i look completely fine.
Or maybe i do always,
Been hiding the emotions for so long i wonder if i even have them nowadays.
I just say i am a bad person,
They will hopefully leave me to die.
But hey,
Maybe i actually am.
I don't know.
Joking through my life,
If i'm Lucky,
Life will turn into the biggest joke of them all.
This poem is about how you can make jokes and seem fine in front of everyone, while you're actually depressed and suicidal.
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