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Piyah Jul 30
In the battle of love vs respect,
Let us teach our daughters that respect always wins.
Piyah Jul 29
There is absolutely nothing wrong with loving someone too much,
But theres everything wrong when you love yourself too less.
Piyah Jul 27
I have fed mouths I should have poisoned,
Held hands I should have broken,
Backed ******* I should have stabbed,
And they said only Harry Potter could talk to snakes.
Piyah Jul 20
Dont you get it yet he yelled with tears in his eyes,
Iam not asking for his place,
Iam asking you to let me create mine.
Let me be there while you rebuild your heart he said as parting words before all she could do was stare at his retreating back,
That was the moment it happened,
Something melted,
Something happened.
Piyah Jul 11
The eyes were mine
But the dreams were hers
The achievements were mine
But the hard work was hers,
The struggles were mine,
But the suffering was hers,
What would I be without her?
What am I with her?
Piyah Jul 7
Slowly you started being imperative for all my good days,
But you also held my hand on the bad ones,
And they became good too.
Piyah Jul 6
Maybe that was the positive side to time,
It always passes,
So everything ends,
no matter how hard,
And that was water to my burning fire.
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