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Rylie Lucas May 2019
what would you do
if you breath was stolen
and not in a good way?

what would your last words be
if a gun was against your head
and you couldn't breathe?

what would you say
before the water went into your lungs
and you only had seconds to live?

what would you do
what would you say
if you couldn't breathe anymore?

if the air became poison
and you couldn't breathe
all you could do was watch your family
fall one by one?
Rylie Lucas May 2019
Confined to the walls of my room
Bandana around my neck
I try to remember the good things in life
I want to stay out of my own head
Nothing in life is free
Not even the air we breathe
It's tainted with diseases
But we breathe anyway
We endure the screams of alcoholic fathers
We cry ourselves to sleep at night
We convince ourselves that we're alright
And never seek help from others

We are the broken ones
We endure our pain and suffering
We remember the things worth remembering

We are the depressed ones
We see knives as toys
We don't know the difference between light and dark

We are hurt, and some of us can't be saved
So my Dad was screaming at me again this morning, and he took away all of my means of communication. Luckily, he forgot my computer, so I can still write (and talk to my Mom, who will save me ASAP).
Nina Jul 2015
"I've been doing so well," I type as I slide a thin silver blade down my hipbone. "I'm clean and I've been taking my medication and I've even been running." Blood gathers at the edges, draw swirls in the warmth.
Bright blue screen lights up my hopes and my heart does a flip.
"Can we talk later? I'm really tired."
"Of course! Sorry for keeping you up."
It's 3:49 in the ******* afternoon.
Remember when you were my best friend and you walked two miles to my house in the middle of the night because I told you I felt alone?
Remember when I was out of town for a day and you missed me so bad you bought me cupcakes?
Remember when you told me I was the only person you'd ever been in love with?
I'm so sorry.
I miss you.

— The End —