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Mimi Hachiko Sep 17
Often i am upset
That i cannot fall in love
But i guess
This avoids the stress of falling out of it
Are you tired of me yet?
I'm a little sick right now but i swear
When i'm ready i will fly us out of here
anna Apr 9
i’m like dynamite-
need a cheerleader,
let me throw you down
while i look at her-

i’m like, “oh, my god,
“i think i need a girlfriend.”
hj Mar 7
my sweet little Indian girl
ur not mine anymore
ur long black hair
i can't caress
and ur tan skin
I can't kiss
my beautiful Indian girl
I can't stare into ur brilliant black eyes
I can't hold you
I can't touch you
my beautiful Indian girl
I lost you
empty seas Jan 2018
If I die don’t cry
Look up at the sky and
Say goodbye

-the Loved One
I saw this in a bathroom stall, and I thought it was good, so I wrote it down. It’s not mine
Jey Blu Jan 2018
I could live in your eyes
They pulled me in
From the start
A whirlpool and a firestorm at the same time
Drawing me in
To drown me
I used to fall asleep looking into your eyes
Now I stay awake because they're gone
And so are you
Your voice still rings in my ears
And the shadow of your face lives in my my mind
I miss us
I miss you
I miss the lilt of your voice as a smile played on your lips
I miss your intoxicating laugh that could bring me out of any rut
I miss the way you would bite your lips when you looked into my eyes
I miss the way those eyes stared into my soul and took over my heart
Why do you stay in my dreams?
Why does  your image haunt me at night?
I find myself thinking about you all the time
You're a drug
You're not my drug anymore
But I'm still addicted
Why won't he leave my mind
Lex Nov 2017
If you really know me you should know that I love the stars
I love sitting outside at night no matter what season
Whether i'm on a pile of flowers,grass,leaves, or snow
And i love for you to know
That to me you are a star

no matter how mad I am at you
for all that you put me through
I will forever think of you
as a star

who, you may ask is this star you speak of
they shine so bright
they fly higher than a dove
sit tight
I will tell you my love

I love that he keeps me smiling
I love that no matter where you are
the thought of you seems to warm me
because he is the closest thing to astral
that there ever will be
NerdyAlien Oct 2017
My day was as gloom as the starless night
When clouds threw their spears down to me.
The tears in my eyes had blur my sight
As I realize that he was never meant to me.

I was saddened of the thought of him
'Twas just a one-sided love.
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