Sylus Fox Oct 2016

Your lips touched mine
and fireworks went off
every sense was heightened
and I could taste your heart.
Now every kiss tastes dull
and you're lips are pressed
to someone else's
but the feeling still lingers
on my tongue like poison
I'm trying so hard to replace
the tender touches and
your hands in my hair.
I pretend not to care as I
see her head rested on your chest
but I can't unlove you
and I can't forget the taste
of your heart on my tongue

Tyrel Kriger Aug 2016

After you killed me back in the dirt
Got revived, Strung out, all split apart
Shipped aboard and slung into space
Sure it wasn't the plan but in any case
You'll never be far from my heart

And though this new voyage
Is further than the last
I've gone out and come home before
Though space it changes
As each moments past
It seems now theres less to explore

So there I sit
in my captains chair
My body a vessel so sound
What waits in space
An illustrious race
To search out some new solid ground

But out i must go
For to sit all alone
Can drive a certain kind of man mad
Its true I'm doomed
to be always that kind
But I guess I'm also quite glad

Though to search umungst
dead ends unending
May be a life long chore
Romance is a dance
And I'll be moving my feet
In faith there's still something more

From far you gaze out the backwood haze
A gohst not to be named
But I'll fondly recall
That first love of mine
That taught my heart how to fall

An attempt at a structured poem.  lol.
Isabelle May 2016

She cried and begged,
"Please, don't get over me yet"

But he didn't hear
And it breaks her

She cried and begged
"Please, don't get over me yet"

But he already moved on
And her life didn't go on

"Please, don't get over me yet"
It became her mantra
But it will never bring him back

For he found a new love
And she was left with a broken heart

Nothing else you can do about it. Just let go and move on, no matter how long it will take you..
svdgrl Nov 2015

Before I sleep-
I whisper prayers into pillows,
that you only be as essential
as I make you.
And every night my own sheets
become less foreign
and the memory
of your warmth every morning
becomes distant enough
to be forgotten.

Marseléna Oct 2015

- - - - -           - - - - -
Smoke rings 'round my fingers,
          smoke halos o'er our heads;
                    I'll smoke our memories to ashes, love;
                              I'll leave you here for dead.

- - - - -           - - - - -

October 15, 2015

This is how I get over you.
This is how I get rid of my lungs.
This is how I stop loving you.
This is how I get over you.
Gabryela Speaks Feb 2015

I used a different detergent
on my clothes today
something stronger
something that would erase
your perfume

maybe tomorrow
i will stop remembering
the moments we spent
messing up the sheets
of my now empty bed.

Fiction. No basis at all. He told me to stop writing like what we had is a normal relationship. I forgot we aren't ordinary. You're a God and i am not.
afza ali Nov 2014

Mountains stood as they always did
She felt small amidst them as she always
Cool dry mountain breeze swiftly lifted her hair and then let it down again
Things were normal
But inside she didn't know
Her eyes still hurt from the crying
Her hurt still ached
And she knew she had failed
She never got over him nor will she ever

— The End —