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bethwords Jul 29
'how are you doing?' you ask
beautifully getting over you.
Anon Jun 2020
I wonder if it would shock you to learn

After all this time

That memories of him

Not you

Steer my pen across the page

The fire to his ice

The Hades to my Persephone

A forked tongue kept not-so carefully hidden

Barely out of sight
Amidst a jaw spiked with cigarette fangs

A brain full of cyanide capsules, a heart full of saccharine

Salivating liquor and leaking crosses

Weeping hospitals and sweating clocks

So I write

Casting the memory of you aside


Return to your underworld.
AvaGrace Jul 2019
like thick rain pouring down
streams pooling into rivers as they flow down the mountain
being in love is like drinking the poison
letting the sickness seep into your veins
feelings your organs change
as your heart starts beating for more than one body
as your soul starts sharing itself with another

falling out of love is different
maybe that's because i was pushed

leaving you behind is like closing your eyes
try not to peek but the sense of urgency is creeping
i cover them but everytime i blink
i see you standing there
i see us dancing through this pain

i see your face start to strain
as you realize im never going to change
as you realize you can't stay

i see your name
in street signs
hear your voice as im switching trains
i feel your breath on my neck
as i board the subway
smell your skin on my sheets right before doing my laundry

i sense your need for change
endless chasing of timelines

i wish i could see how it'd end
if things had gone different
i wish i could see how i'd begin
to be what i've been missing

i remember the good times
the laughs and the kisses
surprise trips to the beach
locked hands and biting teeth

i remember the passion
red hot like a furnace
i should have learned to stay away from the flames

oh but how i loved that slow burn

but your path had to turn

and now i feel traces of you
endless skies dotted red across blue

i want to forget your face
every inch of my body you traced

i need to lose track of the memories
i need to remember the bad

all the tears and the fights
all the goodbyes and let goes
those times i felt us die
even before you told me to go

i guess its easier to think of all the things that went right
because letting go of the past is like saying goodnight
without knowing if there will ever be the morning light

i guess this is me admitting
that i didn't get over you

i just kept moving through
the endless highways of you

to reach the final destination
of me being whole
without you
nightdew Feb 2019
i think it's normal to miss people,
i can see you twirling your hair with your finger,
i can hear your melodious laughter rumbling through my mind,
i can feel your smooth skin under my fingertips.

i want to admire your beauty once again,
gaze into those dazzling eyes,
feel your lips locking mine.

but you're gone,
you've vanished into thin air,
leaving nothing but bits and bits of memories,
and countless amounts of heartache.

and along with you,
you've stolen my heart,
robbed me of the sun's rays,
and took away countless hours of sleep.

you've left nothing but pain,
poured me endless thoughts at 3 AM,
everything consists of missing you.

is missing someone like this still normal?
i don't think it's possible to get over you.
Harsha Jul 2018
What hurts more heartbreak
Or getting shot in the chest
While wearing a bullet proof Kevlar vest;
At point blank range with a large caliber bullet
Been there done that
In my humble opinion it’s definitely the steel pellet;
Heartbreak and happiness are states of mind
If you don't mind then it does not matter
Temporary illusions and fleeting issues cloned out of discarded tissues
They do not contribute any real threat nor physical attributes
Unlike a wound from a GSW;
Maybe I am wrong in this regard or am I been too hard
On all the sensitive lovers who cry themselves to sleep curled up in a ball
Eating ice cream, rereading the same old messages waiting the return of their lovers ghosts
Maybe I am wrong maybe I was never connected to this invisible force
But I would highly appreciate your feedback and thoughts
On this subject matter for the sake of all the hearts
That heartbreak undoubtedly seems to hunt.
GSW - gunshot wound
Please respond in the comment section lets start a conversation an argument a revolution let's start something anything and kick heart break and Tuesday in the *****!!! LOL
Sarah Caitlyn Oct 2016
Your lips touched mine
and fireworks went off
every sense was heightened
and I could taste your heart.
Now every kiss tastes dull
and you're lips are pressed
to someone else's
but the feeling still lingers
on my tongue like poison
I'm trying so hard to replace
the tender touches and
your hands in my hair.
I pretend not to care as I
see her head rested on your chest
but I can't unlove you
and I can't forget the taste
of your heart on my tongue
Tyrel Kriger Aug 2016
After you killed me back in the dirt
Got revived, Strung out, all split apart
Shipped aboard and slung into space
Sure it wasn't the plan but in any case
You'll never be far from my heart

And though this new voyage
Is further than the last
I've gone out and come home before
Though space it changes
As each moments past
It seems now theres less to explore

So there I sit
in my captains chair
My body a vessel so sound
What waits in space
An illustrious race
To search out some new solid ground

But out i must go
For to sit all alone
Can drive a certain kind of man mad
Its true I'm doomed
to be always that kind
But I guess I'm also quite glad

Though to search umungst
dead ends unending
May be a life long chore
Romance is a dance
And I'll be moving my feet
In faith there's still something more

From far you gaze out the backwood haze
A gohst not to be named
But I'll fondly recall
That first love of mine
That taught my heart how to fall
An attempt at a structured poem.  lol.
Isabelle May 2016
She cried and begged,
"Please, don't get over me yet"

But he didn't hear
And it breaks her

She cried and begged
"Please, don't get over me yet"

But he already moved on
And her life didn't go on

"Please, don't get over me yet"
It became her mantra
But it will never bring him back

For he found a new love
And she was left with a broken heart
Nothing else you can do about it. Just let go and move on, no matter how long it will take you..
svdgrl Nov 2015
Before I sleep-
I whisper prayers into pillows,
that you only be as essential
as I make you.
And every night my own sheets
become less foreign
and the memory
of your warmth every morning
becomes distant enough
to be forgotten.
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