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Nicholas Kurtz May 2014
It would be so nice
If we just say it all
Say it all
Hemorrhage of words
Emotional plight
Just say it all
Say it all
We don’t have to say goodbye tonight
I swear if I don’t make it back
I’ll be alright
I’ll be in that wind
I’ll be in that song
Just please remember
To say it all
Say everything I use too
Never leave one word out
Never ever censor yourself
Feel ashamed or doubt
Say it all
Tell them all they have a reason
There's a reason tonight
Tell them all they’re accepted
They don’t have to fight
Don’t ever cry
There’s no reason for tears
Just smile for every, hug, every memory
And every year
And say it all
Without reserve, without fear
Don’t leave a word out
Because without a doubt
Wherever I am
I'm much happier now
Saying goodbye? *****.
Nicholas Kurtz May 2014
Sometimes I wonder
I wonder
Why's everyone looking at me?
Is it because I'm so pretty?
Than my other half says to me
As annoyed as a street musician
On a sunday
Nick your talking to me
..And quite audibly
Just a thought.
Nicholas Kurtz May 2014
Oh Jackie

Do you think it’s easy

To fall in love with just a kiss

Now every day I miss that natural

Curl of your lips

I can’t explain your beauty

Maybe it’s just a kink

Something I saw in a dream

Of beauty Aphrodite esteems

And maybe some ancient time

You’re shape was aspired

You were molded like clay

And heaven laid the lines on your face

I so admire

Every glowing smile

And forever linked

In a web of my little kinks

I fall hard for beauty

Carved like a goddess from maybe another life

When I’m drunk I wanna call you up

And say, **** it let’s go elope

Be my wife

And I’d never say these things to your face

For all you know I’m just another disgrace

A missed connection, you could never give a ****

For every text and every kiss that I miss

And you can find something else?

I wish I knew what it was

Cause when I met you

I just wanted to run away in the sun

And find you a place that I can truly say

The beauty only compares

To the curl of your lips

And the rose of your cheeks

And the soft, caress of your kiss

Forever imprisoned

To find something comparable

This feeling has taken me over, it’s unbearable

I can only lay, here, here in the sand

And hope to god a love like hers

Will find me somewhere?
To a woman whom I believe found this poem on my blog
And never texted me back
I believe it was a fine two weeks of mad lust :)
Nicholas Kurtz May 2014
I know this is what

I was born to do

Electronic, Classical

   Analog or digital

Do we understand their meaning?

        I find it pivotal

         WAKE UP KIDS

From this crazy mind-****!

We never have to grow up

Collide, collide, collide

Cause when we come together

We’ll blow up space in time

Cause I know my crazy mind

Rules this space in time

Science, binding energetic mesh

Orb of fervent, atoms, matter

Forever brings the universal commander

Kaleidoscope dreams too heavy to stop

What’s the **** argument

Let’s raise the frequencies

Then drop
Something I wrote fresh from San Francisco full of inspiration.
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