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Annabelle Sep 21
Will my heart ever stop feeling like this when I think about you?
Will it ever become stone cold at the mention of your name?
Will this sadness and pain ever cease to exist?
Your smile used to light up my world
Now all it does is remind me,
That I'm not your world
Your arms used to be my safe haven,
I love how you held me close
Now all your arms does is remind me,
That they'll never wrap themselves around me again
I used to think we were meant for each other,
I found the courage and told you so,
But you took my love and threw it back in my face.
I became a player in a game I wasn't even aware of
With you as the refree,
Handing me the green and red card at whim
I used to ask the universe a question
Will I ever be able to call you mine?
And each time the universe was always silent,
Now I realise, the answer was in her silence.
© Annabelle
Annabelle Aug 19
I've seen you smile with pain in your heart
Watched you fall,
Crash to the bottom
And crawl your way back to the top
You're stronger than you think
Every day is a new beginning,
A new page, a clean slate
A chance begin anew, start afresh,
To get it right
I want you to taste life like it's new
Let the sun remind you
That life is beautiful every day
Let the rainbow bring colours of laughter to you
Embrace the gift of life
Cherish the blessings that guides you
And may you only know
Hope that makes you dream
Failure that brings you success,
Success that brings you joy
Friends that makes you laugh
Passion that makes you live
And love that makes you love more.
Annabelle Aug 17
The little deity that demands to be worshiped
It fills your soul with it's potent fragrance
Kings and queens are brought to their knees
By this little deity

The purest of souls becomes the darkest abyss
Controlled and empowered for its purpose
Breaking free is not an option
Underestimate not the power of this deity

This deity relishes the torment it gives
Playing on weaknesses
Poking and provoking
A volcanic eruption

For this spontaneous deity
Comes and goes at whim
In uncontrollable bouts
Preying on it's unsuspecting victims

Inside its shrine weapons are created
Killing and destroying
Like a fire breathing dragon
Consuming all in it's path

When this deity is done
Regrets and emptiness are left in its wake
With you crumbling to your knees
The extent of damages unfolds.

— The End —