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Nona Green Oct 2020
a sunflower blooms
while the wave crashes through the sand
a fiery sunset we grab with both hands
that field full of mushrooms
starts to spread on our tree
we both pick a few and take several bites
longing to embark on that electric flight
our energies mix until we are free
i see the universe in you
you feel the universe in me
and when the sun finally meets the sea
we learn life isn't living if you're just floating through
Victoria Jul 2019
Black excellence?
What is that you say?
Black excellence is a Term used loosely.

Black excellence is The excellence of African Americans.
Like Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, Harriet Tubman, Frederick Douglas.
But wait? How is it Black excellence?

When they mayrtred for America to change.
This is true, although it is black excellence.

These African American people did what
The whites called “Impossible” to us *******
Back then in those slavery times

You said what? “ *******”
Yes, that’s right, it’s what we were called.
The white man didn’t think of us as anything ;
But a Black, Stupid, Slave.

We had it hard.
We fought for equality, respect, and justice.

So again what is “Black Excellence,” You say?

Black excellence is the confirmation of us African Americans making achievements that the “white man” said we couldn’t do.

The “white man” you say?
Who is he?
The one who we used to call masa
While in those field picking cotton and tobaca

Not tobacco but baca because we couldn’t speak
They didn’t want us to be intelligent

They wanted us to fail so they laugh and say “ you dumb ******”

But I’m here to say that I
Will never fold
To this racism we have

This injustice we have
Because I
I am on the path of excellence
And it may be narrow
To some of you

But to me, it is already been done.
Why is that, you say?
Because god deemed it so
According to Philippians 4:13

I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me

This is what black excellence is
I was going to enter this in a contest for scholarship money but I didn’t think it was good .
Hurricanebabe Apr 2019
I desire a love like no other
I desire the attention I deserve
I desire hugs
I desire the butterflies in my stomach
I desire the cuddles I endlessly need

I deserve to be respected
I deserve to be a priority
I deserve to be ability to smile for no reason
I deserve the ability to love who I want
I deserve the honest truth
ElenaKate Oct 2018
I’m trying to be careful this time
Because I know if I jump in
I’ll be swallowed whole by your love and never want to leave your warm embrace

Is this what I want, to be back with you
Or is this what they call settling for something that is safe
So the question is,
do I try again

Is it wrong to want to feel safe
Secured tightly by your love
To say that I’m settling to have you
Feels like such a hurtful thing to say

Who am I, to say that with you I’m settling
What do I bring that’s so great, that I can then question what you bring
But then the question is still there,
do I try again
Never know how I’m feeling until I bring pen to paper
ƛrtie Apr 2017
chills as
your fingertips
crawl inside me
or just in the thought of it
i was hoping
for a fullmoon night
it was moonless
cause you emit
all the light needed
to highlight
the habits of my heart
ƛrtie Apr 2017
roses blooming them
my lips
crawling cruelly
your watering
to wake up from lethargy
to appreciate you with all the honey that is left to them
and whisper to you
the most valuable artworks
as the water drip dripping,
together with love
ƛrtie Apr 2017
give me
some love
she whispers
it's not some
you can't get it in pieces
he shouts
-why are you shouting?
cause the most pure things
in life
have the meanest
ways of appearing
in us.
if i shout you will be in pieces
and some wont be
a choice
whole will
ƛrtie Apr 2017
broken things
and broken wings,
a pitful melody the night we met,
the pure rhythm of a caged heart,
two strings on air my aching debt.

zeros falling from the skies,
a rosey rising,
new delight.
red, not darker than misleading eyes
that fall muted into arms at night.

Chaos baby,
your sweet heart of blue,
no more wishes into shooting stars,
no more ever lasting dreams of two.
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