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Aparna Jul 2015
He swore under his breath every time he saw her.
She was unlike any creature he had ever seen.

The dust on her wings and the dew on her ****-like hair,
She'd only be better if she were a mermaid.
Aparna Jul 2015
Glowing constellations and powdered snow,
Fingers intwined under the cashmere blanket.

I promise, I swear, whispered over and over,
The broken record, near the crumbling bodies.
Their bodies are dead, but the promises their souls made reverberate through time.
Aparna Jul 2015
Pomegranate gems on her slender neck.
Ruby stains splattered on the bear rug.

A break from breathing, some shut eye.
She closed the coffin, with her heart inside.
Aparna Sep 2013
Handcuffed to a post, body chained to death.
Rusted irons pulling his spirit towards Hell.

Shackled souls who cry in hope.
His name in blood on white-washed walls.
Aparna Jul 2013
Rascals, ruffians and rogues alike.
Slumming the alleys with their slurs,
And sewage rats.

Across the streets, just beyond the performers.
The dames of paradise carrying flowered parasols.
A *****, she is. Stupid Alessandra! one said.

The hooligans hugged each other with glee,
As the women struck each other,
With their spiteful words.

Filthy, is the life of the cleaner souls,
And rich, is the life of the poorest minds.
Alas, the weirdest of them all is God.
Aparna Jul 2013
Treble, tunes and solemn symphonies.
Trouble, wrecked and poignant stories.

Classic harmonies and plastic picks,
Picking on strings and drumming sticks.

A tale as old as his peppered hair,
Brooding lyrics of his dead girl, so fair.
Aparna Jul 2013
Take the wind away with your breath, he said.
His body weakening under the sun.

Take the wind away with your breath, he said.
She cried as the wind took away his.
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