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IncholPoem Jan 2019
Run  with
wearing  a  belt
while   running
runners     do  not
belt   on  waist
for    the  slow   down  of
blood  pressure.

      Run  with
  a  systematic  met­hod
to  reach  on  moon.

  The   path  is  nano  path
on  which   your   body
would  be  a  particle.

     Run  with
non-systematic  way
to  achieve  a
Golden Globe
          without  doing  a  
single   short  movie
Words are free particles
Bound to thoughts that have matter.
Thoughts are the free particles
Bound to words that
10 words
Matter is made up of tiny particles
Timothy hill Mar 2017
For you war forged it's on held truths.

A man of honor who is he.

Brilliant and smart in the same instances.

With aim there quality was mint to seek blood.

Thirty solders clicks out in a hot desert breeze.

With sand dunce full of prechers.

Man of sin, and man of hate, leave this Earth yet you linger your scars of faith.

As you approach the valley of bullets.

The Earth was opened and a scary sight was then seen.

Green, colored beings where at the station of a machine, with arms made of anti matter construction.

Flee from this place, our machine will eat your city's and fall your lady.

So the men all perk, up even more ready for there conduction.

One of the beings taller than the rest came to there level of height.

Who here is the leader of your squad.

Me a beared man says!

The being hold out your left arm.

Do not be alarmed, for we are each from a far.
Life beyond earth desert sand dunce sun hot warm bright constrast
Amanda Francis Jul 2016
You are my antiparticle.
We are destined to collidide and when we do, you will annihilate me!
LJ Jun 2016
I am the particle
hidden within
inside the crevice
cracks and traps
of the icy cave

I am the particle
winded outside
pictured in tides
hunts and punts
of capped feet

I am a particle
forming time
touching dreams
beating drums
making love

I am a particle
significant and low
slowed conned tow
a sustained substance
a universal touch
How minute are we?
Sy Lilang May 2014
Her alias was Sunrise
The affable Sky
Brags her entity
In the high latitude
Her voice was heard.

There exists Energy
He puts up the plug
With the invisible outlet
Of the naked Sky
His charged particles
Brought collision
Brought wonder
To the full-sized Universe.

The solar wind
The Earth
Both were crowd-pullers
Every one knelt down
As they see
The Roman Goddess of Dawn
Her melodramatic entrance
Her chameleon-like aptitude
The neon lights
Without Christmas *****
Made her zone broaden.

I am the Seeker
A Dreamer
In this winter breeze
I lied down
With the techy remote
The Goddess of Fantasy.

(12/5/13 @xirlleelang)

— The End —