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Emma-Leigh Ivy Nov 2015
I am enveloped in the expanses of your painted sky,
satisfied & glowing underneath your weight as you
lay yourself down across the peaks of my mountains.
You have illuminated my hidden wildflowers with the
golden wash of a new spring & the warmth of your sun.  
You cast divine paint across my landscape
like a canyon sunset brushes every ***** with vibrancy.
I am enveloped in the sultry scent of the potent desert
& your intoxicating masculinity.  
Your perfume is imprinted on the soft pearl of my skin
as you are imprinted in the atoms of my being.
I bit you in a kiss that burned your mouth into my memory.
I taste you every time I close my eyes or pass my fingers over
the petals of my pursed lips,
& spark a hunger that stirs in the deepest chasm
lurking beneath my navel.  
Every fiber in my body is tempered
by the heat of our fervent fever.
I am enveloped in these moments spent:
My lips poured across your collar bone
like red paint caresses a canvas with passion.
My hair entwined & rooted in your lustful fist,
holding me fast & grounding me to you.
My tongue engaged in a dance across the ridges of your teeth,
as our hips meet and our lips meet in a fevered tango.
For MLB, my desert cowboy.
Emma-Leigh Ivy Sep 2015
Pearls sent slipping from the string
& in that moment they sing like raindrops.
Monsoon pours red lust across my bed.
He provokes the thunder instead
with a dance of lips & fingertips.  
Pearls ripped from the marble hollow
of intrepid breast, at my taunting behest.
They clatter to the floor
like my last shrouds of innocence.
His heavy touch does breathe
sweet incense
through the thick air of this precipitous night,
dark with wild unknown.
He comes to seek refuge in this storm,
& implores me to soak him to the bone.
Pearls tumble like sea foam
across the angles of my alabaster collar.
Crash to the floor like a wave to a beach.
Pearls, & tangled limbs & biting kisses
dive into delirious bliss & sweet remiss.
My ivory blushes with peach
blossoms opening to welcome his reach,
as we amble through a valley of pearls
& silken sheets.
Drunken lust leads to broken necklaces.
Emma-Leigh Ivy Sep 2015
Tangled up in my hair,

I leapt forward to an abrupt kiss,

nothing amiss.

No sign in the world around me

of anything left to confound me.

I'm surely certain I could die happy

Like this.
Emma-Leigh Ivy Sep 2015
Butterflies are in my eyes.

They dance around my head

in hovering halos &

make it hard to disguise

my nerves, while words spill out;

tripping over one another

in my seldom uttered stutters.
Emma-Leigh Ivy Sep 2015
The sun could shine or rain could fall

in a slow pitter-patter against my wall,

& I wouldn't know the difference.

But I know there comes a day

when I'll stand naked & feel the rainfall,

& how I've missed it so. . .
Emma-Leigh Ivy Sep 2015
I've taken all the leaps of faith
I care to take
with no one to catch me on the other end.
Something keeps telling me to jump again,
just once more,
he doesn't hold out his arms in vain.
I build up my hope
& I swallow my dismay.
I fall forward & let the wind
carry me away.
I land in longing to feel
the heavy peace of a hand
that isn't mine but yearns
to help me understand.
Eyes that don't see their own reflection on the water
but, underneath, the hidden treasures in the sand.  
A mind like mine that dares
to dive through the stillness
and swim through the dazzling disarray
below my surface;
to frolic with me through the day
without the need
of having purpose.
Emma-Leigh Ivy Sep 2015
I'm not broken yet,
& I'm not giving up the fight.
Yet the slightest touch
sets me on edge
& I take off at the speed of light.
It is a broken contradiction
that such a loneliness could
breed me that affliction.
On the other hand it spurs me onward
to that rare gem of friendship
that turns to love
& then addiction.
I hear the song of distant laughter
& a thunderstorm heading my way.
It all melts together in a  haze of grey.
I'm stuck behind a clouded window
on which I can never seem
to wipe the fog away.
I keep running towards
glimpses of my ever after
to have them crumble
just out of reach
& back into the fray.
Digging up old poetry.
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