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Antionicia Mar 2020
i hold the poetry within me i feel it within my bones and it burrows within my soul but i can't write and my fingers won't work. i need to speak and i need to let someone in. this is not something i can just tell with my pen.
Amanda Kay Burke Dec 2019
Slow progress
Better than rushed progress
Think about it
Anya Sep 2018
When I write poetry
I write like I speak
My thoughts
As they come
When she writes
Each word
Each phrase
Each letter
Each sound
is carefully thought out
Each, an essential part of the whole
The materpiece
Is it something I will learn?
When I grow up?
Is it an innate difference between us?
Nazrana Kalil Sep 2018
You fill me to the brim
Like coffee on a Sunday morning.
Ive always loved that about you, you never gulped, you never rushed.
You paused inbetween, inhaling the brewed coffee beans.
You dipped into the cup with love and wonder,
Always took little sips to make the feeling last longer.
Tina Salvatore Apr 2018
emotions are the center of every attraction
some pull you back while others take you out

sadness takes you in and out and can never be controlled

takes you out
controlling you
it feels as if it will never perish

happiness is short
can last for a lifetime if you use it wisely

being scared
maybe for the future
the present
the past
it pulls you back
hoping to take you down

there are many emotions that cant be described
you can try but it will never truly be right
these basic emotions split into parts
some can help some you cant stop
I made this in like two minutes because I wanted to try free verse poetry
RLG Jan 2017
My heels clip on
London concrete.
My hamstrings strain
To increase my stride.
I slalom around
Pavement zombies,
Phone junkies,
Loitering monkeys.

Don’t they see?
I’m late for a meeting
With a client of grandeur.
A key player.
A major money man.
(I can’t drop the name
Due to a
Signed NDA).

It was suppose to be
A blue sky meeting
On a grey winters morning.
But I slept too long,
And the tube
Went wrong,
And now I’ve
Got the dreads.

If I’m late,
My rep will be tarnished.
I’ll never secure
Another meeting again.
Because in this town,
Time is a diamond
We can’t possess.
But we know it exists;
Out there on the outskirts,
Out there in the sticks.

It’s below freezing but I’m
Working a sweat;
A pavement cardio,
A sidewalk rodeo,
A street athletics show.
There’s no way I am going
To be on time.
It’s curtains for me;
I’ve sealed my P45.

Finally I arrive.
I collapse at the entrance,
My power-walk ending
In a muted reception.
I approach the desk.
Glared a future
X-factor entrant.

‘Good morning.
I’m here to see
The top brass.
The big cheese.
The head honcho.
I was delayed, but please,
Pass my humblest regrets,
I am spinning a lie
Which I hope he accepts.’

‘I’m sorry, sir,’
The young lady chewed.
‘The Great Man is away,
Tanning on a beach.
You’ll need to reschedule;
He returns in two weeks.’
Aaron LaLux Sep 2016
Busier than I thought,
and money doesn’t buy time,
so I’m rushing to catch up,
to myself so ahead of time,


we don’t need a reason,
we just need a rhyme,

Busier than I thought,
and money doesn’t buy time,
so I’m rushing to catch up,
to myself so ahead of time…

∆ Aaron LA Lux ∆
tick tock
Mother told me to get a man as soon as I could
Guess she thought I'd be "unlucky"
So when a man finally came along
I wanted to say
Marry me, he says
It's MY finger
Love me, he says
It's MY feelings
**** me, he says
It's MY ******
Wear this, he says
It's MY body
Be mine, he says
I am MY own person
However I succumbed and married him
Only to have 3 affairs
2 children
and the saddest life in the closet
never able to be my true self.
I should have said all along
Don't rush me
I hope I never become this,
It is my biggest fear
Just thought I would share it with all of you

— The End —