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luna Feb 9
mother, i hope you understand that i have my own path to take. i can hear your voice reaching through the halls of my mind, pushing me to follow in your path and be the one to carry the flame of your unfulfilled dreams. but, dear mother, i beg you to realize that my desire is entirely unique to me; they are a symphony of hushed voices that sing to the pulse of my existence.

i want to chase the palette of my grail. i seek to paint the world with the vibrant hues of my imagination and draw a future that reflects the depth of my soul and the beauty of my own dreams. your ambitions have cast a shadow over mine, and the manner in which our tales collide has suffocated the burning spark that dwells within me. i have an intense thirst to be able to look at the world through my own prism and to walk along the road of my heart's desire without the shadows cast by yours. i am begging you to listen to my words because they are burdened with the weight of a soul that longs to be set free.

mother, allow me the ability to roam; i want to experience the thrill of venturing into the unknown and determining my own path. i beg you to release me from the chains of expectations, for my soul craves the ease to move with no boundaries within the boundless horizon of possibility. give me room to breathe and a chance to uncover the layers of my own existence without the burden of your hopes and ambitions. let me have the freedom to find my way through the labyrinth of being alive, to trip, fall, and get back up on my own pace. please spare me the unrelenting storm of judgment and control that washes the color out of my entire existence.

how can i be open in front of others when i feel like i can't breathe because of your suffocating grip? i can't let out the complex web of emotions i've been feeling because you're always holding me back. how can i let others in, if i can't even let myself be vulnerable around you?

i am sick and tired of living in the shadow of your expectations;

i am begging you my whole life to please at least—
at least, let me create my own story and be the writer of it.

or perhaps your dreams would be the death of me.
things i never said just because
Descovia Apr 2021
Your cooking and your beautiful heart
is not the only thing which keeps us all alive.

Throughout the years you have been through pain
and faced obstacles bringing you restless nights.

You were the one that kept the light in your children's eyes vibrant and bright.

Your heart blossoms with love and spread beneficial energy to those around you.

Nothing is complete or worthwhile without a mother's touch.

Il tuo amore guarisce

Happy birthday in this life time and many more for future times ahead!
Lily Priest Apr 2021
Eyes open into newness
And find a smile
Dimpled giddy
With the happiness
That took only one look to awaken
And one little life to nurture.
Nine months worth of waiting
Melt into a promise of forever.
My love for you is an endless
Beautiful thing.
Bigger than the both of us
Loud and bellowing.
But I whisper it
because I want to let you sleep.
My sister recently had her first child and I wrote this for her. It doesnt do the moment of moma meeting baby for the first time justice, but its something.
Shane Alimarin Jan 2021
I live in this world full of love
With the gift of my mother sent from above,
You take care of me even when you're tired
For the nights that I cried.

I am glad to be your child
There's no secrets to hide,
You are my first teacher at home
I never felt that I'm alone.

I learned to do what's right instead of wrong
You never give up on me no matter how long,
Raising me up was never easy
You showered your love unconditionally.

Thank you for supporting me
In everything that makes me happy,
I will study hard to make you proud
And continually live with a faith in God.

You have all of my respect
Even though I'm not perfect,
A mother's love will never be replaced
In every challenge that her children will faced.
Be proud of your mother love them and care for them
Shadiya Zubair Aug 2020
She is the incarnation of true love
The love that is enigmatic!
She is every beats of my heart
The heart which is abundant with her love
She is the soul to my body
The body which she prudent with her love and care
She is the mentor of my life
The life where she immersed me with euphoria
She is the light of my darkness
The light of hope and encouragement
Her qualities are beyond the horizon
She loves me to the eternity, so do I

I will love her every bit,
But it saddens me that even if I give all my  love to her it will always be a shortcoming.
Because her love for me is enigmatic !!

But  still "oh dear mother I love thee!!"
A love that is inexplicable!☺
Kashish Lahrani Jul 2020
Every time I sacrifice my happiness
And devote myself entirely
Just to bring a grin on your little face
I realise,
The sacrifices my mother made
Were prodigious as compared to all I do for you.
The realization of my ‘self-sacrifice’,
Took me back to the days when your sacrifices meant nothing to me
And I hold deep remorse, mother.
It’s now that I know,
Sacrifices are what you made
Adjustments are what I’ve ever managed to do.
Blackenedfigs May 2020
Golden Strands
of hair glisten
like honey

Soft, solace scent
of an old home

Goose feather pillows
Blue veins disguised
inside cautious hands

Embrace me, radiate warmth
And with the utmost careful placement
of glasses on her nightstand

once again.
For Mother’s Day.
Lainey May 2020
We once were walking hand in hand when you said quietly:
“Here I am accepted, I am loved for me”.
I’ll never lose that moment,  for always it rings true;
you are cherished, you are loved for simply being you.
You sure do make it easy, for every day you show your love; support and loyalty through happy times and woe!
Your calm yet strong willed presence helps us keep our grounding and in return we hope you feel our endless love abounding!
So let me take you by the hand and say it evermore,
Mum you are so special, precious and adored!
Ashley Feb 2020
Black as night
Light as day
Midnight to love
Hope to pray

What is this world?
A child might ask
For living is hard;
A mighty task.

Eyes shining with hope
The child waits
For a mother can’t tell
What she hates

She just hugs
And pats his head
As his eyes close
And he lay still on the bed.

Her tears lay
By his side
For he reached
Where the shadows hide.
Arya Dec 2019
A mother is a failure in mathematics.

The child gives only half

she gives double .
Couldn't help but share it
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