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farthest star Dec 2019
harrowing wails awaken my bones
it is the Call of Mourning

farewell to the flesh and blood i once was

the core of my being answers to a new melody
As we enter the new year, I think of how people want to reinvent themselves or just become better versions of themselves. When it comes to someone looking to make a big change for the better, like someone whose done bad or just feels rotten all over, I think of it like how someone starting from scratch. Not just shedding their skin but stripping all the undesired, poisonous, rotten parts of themselves which can be hard and painful. But in the end you have the core, somewhere to start anew.

I also think of how trying to be a a better person is kinda like abandoning one tune that led you down a dark path and how  answering a new one might sound so foreign to someone but it marks the end of one song and the beginning of another, better tune
farthest star Oct 2019
What will release us from our own mortal folly?

a burn across our stricken cheek?

a sorrowful departure?

a gentle kiss?

Death himself.
Sorry my stuff's been pretty drab lately. I've been having a rough year but I really look forward to writing more wholesome pieces.
farthest star Aug 2019
Jarring notes leap off your tongue
yet they flow through my mind
like the passing of seasons
         Deep down you always knew that I was not the one
Now and again, my thoughts just bury me alive
but it's better than being by your side

So *******, *******
go cry yourself to sleep
I'd rather hurt you now
than be stagnant and incomplete
****, who hurt me? I wrote this months ago but I forgot why.
farthest star Jul 2019
they say to not bite the hand
that feeds you

yet the same hand that feeds me

has scarred and left me incapable
of feeding myself.
i need therapy
farthest star Jun 2019
a sweet serene gaze captures my spirit
like light through a glass prism,
I diverge into a spectrum of colors I wished not see for myself.

I wonder if he would forgive me;
an abomination or merely another being
amongst an ineffable design of life?

to be light through one's prism,
to ricochet and bend through the fragility of their ego
but never distort the truth,

beholding all the colors they reflect
and acknowledging that there will always be a palace
a temple and sanctuary for them

within my hands and my heart.
Sometimes it just takes one person to get us to face the parts of us we don't fully appreciate or accept. Happy Pride  Month <3
farthest star Jun 2019
Thou wrath is filled to the brim of God slaying vigor
it cuts through ******'s mares
and suffocates flames of the mind
splitting the atmosphere till thou breathes
nothing but smoke
thou body becomest nothing more
than a cavern of seething madness
eager to fill a void that thrives in thine scowl
thou feast upon hearts thou hast scorned
and the blood of thine enemies
I am forced to inquire,
with the shred of empathy I have left in thyself
why hath God forsaken thou and beholdest a life o' vengeance?
it's so easy to blame those who love me for why I hate myself.
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