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Jarring notes leap off your tongue
yet they flow through my mind
like the passing of seasons
         Deep down you always knew that I was not the one
Now and again, my thoughts just bury me alive
but it's better than being by your side

So *******, *******
go cry yourself to sleep
I'd rather hurt you now
than be stagnant and incomplete
****, who hurt me? I wrote this months ago but I forgot why.
they say to not bite the hand
that feeds you

yet the same hand that feeds me

has scarred and left me incapable
of feeding myself.
i need therapy
farthest star Jun 29
a sweet serene gaze captures my spirit
like light through a glass prism,
I diverge into a spectrum of colors I wished not see for myself.

I wonder if he would forgive me;
an abomination or merely another being
amongst an ineffable design of life?

to be light through one's prism,
to ricochet and bend through the fragility of their ego
but never distort the truth,

beholding all the colors they reflect
and acknowledging that there will always be a palace
a temple and sanctuary for them

within my hands and my heart.
Sometimes it just takes one person to get us to face the parts of us we don't fully appreciate or accept. Happy Pride  Month <3
farthest star Jun 18
Thou wrath is filled to the brim of God slaying vigor
it cuts through ******'s mares
and suffocates flames of the mind
splitting the atmosphere till thou breathes
nothing but smoke
thou body becomest nothing more
than a cavern of seething madness
eager to fill a void that thrives in thine scowl
thou feast upon hearts thou hast scorned
and the blood of thine enemies
I am forced to inquire,
with the shred of empathy I have left in thyself
why hath God forsaken thou and beholdest a life o' vengeance?
it's so easy to blame those who love me for why I hate myself.
trains and sardine people
mobile devices, a modern steeple
always moving, always plugged
always never enough.
My life 5 days a week.
farthest star May 21
Her ribcage woven of wood and climbing roses
in the center nests a family of tiny blue-birds
singing Her soul to sleep
a displaced heart clenched in Her bony fingers

              eager to for-give

eyes bursting with diamonds and rubies
In Her skull, a roaring fire that can never be quenched
wind dusts Her chalky exterior to reveal a skeleton of gold
hair of scarlet silk and tied in a ribbon of promise


She'll outlive the eons to come or her beauty withered in vain
For my friend. May you rest in peace :(
farthest star Mar 15
We lay breathing beside the mausoleum
our bones covered by dirt
speckled with diamonds and grime
how precious we could have been
how little we realize within ourselves
our bones are cut from the same gem of life

He gardens us into peaceful beds
so that we may bloom as we slumber
looming over velvety prisons
stretched as far as the eye can see
He grasps his mighty scythe
and slashes our stems for The Harvest
so that we may be set free
I couldn't choose a title. Titles are really hard for me :/
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